Movies Set at Christmas

Christmas is a great time to set a movie, it doesn’t always have to be Christmas and jolly and all that crap sometimes it can be blood and gore and freaks and so on.

So here are some of my favourite Christmas set non-Christmas films.

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Christmas Playlist Day 14

Shakin’ Stevens is our first song for today with “Merry Christmas Everyone”. A extremely cheerful song that can’t help but get you in the Christmas mood!

So shall we continue with cheerful as a theme and delight you with Paul McCartney’s “A Wonderful Christmas Time” as well today? I think we shall…

Christmas Playlist Day 12

So because I love you I’ll start today off with a song I love to listen to but kind of creeps me out. Mud’s version of “Lonely This Christmas” comes accompanied with a video of the bunch of them sat around a Christmas tree looking… Creepy!

Second up though is something much less creepy and that would be Destiny’s Child with “8 Days of Christmas.” How this ever made the list knowing the members of our group I don’t know but made it it did.

Gaming Babble : Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Remix Part 8


This is the big push to complete the game. We are really trying now just to complete it.

So if you don’t know how I write these blogs, basically I play through the game making notes as I go then write up the blogs in parts. I do this for a few reasons. One to make sure the blogs aren’t too long (ohhh and some of these parts were actually all one part because of HOURS of playing and had to be chopped into different parts!) and secondly so that I don’t just spam the home page full of the same thing.

So I was playing Part 8 on Friday 5th December.

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 came out on the 5th December.

So I am now officially playing two games at once! And why we now are rushing for completion is because we were always rushing for completion anyway, it was never going to be a 100% complete game it was always a race to the end.

So lets see if we can do it!

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