Barakamon : Yosonmon

Yatsura” (よそんもん /東京から来た奴ら)
Translation : Guys from Tokoyo

So we meet Handa’s rival and his best friend. It is like a recipe for disaster really isn’t it?

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Barakamon : Un ni Oegii

“Un ni oegii /Umi ni oyogi ni iku” (うんにおえぎいっ /海に泳ぎに行く)
Translation : Going Swimming at the Beach

It has been a while since I saw Handa scribbling on the side of a boat. It hit me right away whilst putting the episode on how much I missed it really. Such a well written anime. So lets just jump right back in?

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Strictly Come Dancing Show 1

So the first week and the first show out of two. We’ll see our first couples competing and will start to get a bit of a idea of where we stand. I have no favourites going into this series so we’ll see if it can keep my interest (it didn’t last year if you’ll remember.)

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One Piece : What I prefer about Luffy….

So I’ve been trying to put my finger on why it is I’ve suddenly been much more interested in One Piece then Fairy Tail. As I’ve said before Fairy Tail is the first major manga I read and I love it, but recently I’ve failed to get into the story arcs and have found it hard to get motivated to care.

I think, 479 chapters in, I’ve figured out a little bit of what makes it better to me.

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Gotham Episode 1

If there is one franchise that I actually care about in the DC universe it’ll be Batman. Whereas I find most of their other heroes bland and pointless Batman has always held a place close to a lot of peoples hearts. Whether its old style Batman TV shows, Batman films, Batman comic books or Batman cartoons, at least for my generation Batman has been THE Hero that everyone knows.

The other thing that makes Batman so great in my opinion is the care taken to establish every character, whether good or bad or a bit of both. No character is left without a story as to why they ended up where they are now.

Gotham, the new TV series, has promised to dive into the back story of not only some of our favorite villains but also to James Gordon, everyone’s favorite Police Commissioner.

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Doctor Who : Listen -Spoilers-

Sorry that I’m a bit late on the reviews, I’ll have this weeks review up tomorrow!

But first we have a Moffat classic to talk about. Steven Moffat is known for taking the everyday things that creep you out (or sometimes don’t!) and make them scare you more then you can imagine. From Stone Angels to Shadows.

Now he wants you to sit and Listen…. And become terrified of the quiet around you!

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