Still Open All Hours : Episode 2

The saga of Gastric, Wet Eric and the rest of the customers of Arkwrights continues.

The question this week seems to be how to get the wife to believe that rain is coming? And how do you make a umbrella masculine?

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Gotham : Rogues’ Gallery

We’re back from the holidays (edit : not that it mattered what with my late posting) and we get to catch up with Jim Gordon at his brand new job.

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Gotham : Lovecraft

EDIT:Β This blog has been in the draft folders since the episode airedΒ here in the US, until today when I came to write about the new episode I was totally unaware I hadn’t published it. I apologize. It happens a lot with me.

In the thrilling mid-season finale we see Jim Gordon once more go up against the wrong people as he tries to take down Lovecraft.

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The Walking Dead

It might not surprise anyone that I have a love/hate relationship with The Walking Dead. I loved the first season but by the second season I had a group of characters I just wanted to be killed off and the more they lived the more I got annoyed.

I only really watched bits and pieces after season two (its the same kind of thing I have with Game of Thrones just by now the thought of Game of Thrones makes me want to rip my own eyes out) so over Christmas (and yes I man over Christmas, it was all I did) I caught up with the whole series, even going as far as buying Season 4 myself as my mum didn’t own it so I couldn’t steal it to watch it.

Why am I babbling on about The Walking Dead?

Well it has gotten to the point where I kind of actually enjoy it. The worst culprit for “must die” did die (sorry Lori fans but I hated her!) and the others that annoyed me…. Don’t annoy me half as much. I never got the cool factor with Michone but now I love her for many different reasons, I still think Carl needs something horrible done to him but there is time. The only person left I think I want to actually die in the series is Glen because he’s such a bloody wet blanket.

And I’m till babbling.

The main point is that I’ll be doing a “catch up” of Season 5 and when the second half of Season 5 starts to air I will be reviewing it.

I’ll be posting the reviews on Friday’s hopefully, as long as I don’t have much trouble and I’ll be then writing the rest up as I get to watch them when they come out.

Still Open All Hours : Episode 1

After a good Christmas special last year we get a full series to look forward to this year.

“Open All Hours” was one of my all time favourite comedies and I liked the special, I felt it was a little flat but still quite sweet. So I was extremely happy to see a whole series being made. Hopefully it fares better then the special.

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The Musketeers : Keep Your Friends Close

The second season of the BBC drama The Musketeers has started. Β Without the Cardinal (as Peter Capaldi left for Doctor Who) it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

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