Bakumatsu Rock : Top Idol! Rampage at a concert!

In a time where the army is keeping peace by creating idols within their ranks the only thing that can save the world is Rock and that is what we are getting from our very own rock band.

I really enjoyed episode one so thought I’d carry on reviewing Bakumatsu Rock, with such a fun opening I have high hopes for the second episode!

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Amanda’s Diary #3

30 July 2014

Gardening always was a joy… Our front garden has been kept neat and tidy from one of the next door neighbours, they noticed that it was getting a bit long so cut it down for us, our back garden now looks like a jungle, and with Marcey’s rock bang in the middle of its tiny crater gardening is more like a fight against nature now.

It would never have gotten this bad if our mysterious knocking hadn’t taken us away from our day-to-day lives!

So where was I?!

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Free! Eternal Summer : The Somersault Turn of Promise!

“Yakusoku no Samāsoruto Tān!” (約束のサマーソルトターン!)

This week the episode focuses on Rin and Sousuke.

Our boys are getting a lesson in nutrition from Gou, the fun to be had in that situation!

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The Great F1 Dream #10 : Remembering….

Something that sets off my anxiety quite badly is remembering things and worrying that nothing will be the same again in the future. Whilst things always have to change sometimes the change is so big that I can’t believe that I’ve lived through them.

It gets to the point where you can remember what it was like before and you know it is completely different and it is like living two separate lives light years apart.

I’ve said it a lot of times but for a change I’m really going to talk about what really got me into the online F1 fandom to begin with.

My Bruno Senna Fan Forum.

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Formula 1 Pirelli Magyar Nagydij 2014

We have changeable weather (raining in the morning) at the Budapest track over the weekend and we are looking at an exciting race today.

Starting Grid
Pole : Nico Rosberg
Second : Sebastian Vettel
Third : Valtteri Bottas
Fourth : Daniel Ricciardo
Fifth : Fernando Alonso
Sixth : Felipe Massa
Seventh : Jenson Button
Eighth : Jean-Éric Vergne
Ninth : Nico Hulkenberg
Tenth : Kevin Magnussen

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Hungarian Grand Prix Preview

The Hungaroring will be host to the 11th round of the Formula One Championship.

The race has been a feature on the calender sine 1986 and is not reknowned for being a action packed and exciting race.

Still you never know do you?

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Amanda’s Diary #2

23rd July 2014

So… It has been a while. I’m sorry about that! January seems a long time ago, well it seems even longer away now. So many exciting things have happened to me and Marcey, so many adventures and so many tragedies.

Whist I sit here on top of a giant rock that Marcey flew and dropped into our back garden (no the neighbours weren’t happy, yes there was a lot of damage) I try and remember how it all began!

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