The Walking Dead : What Happened and What’s Going On

Season 5b returns in dramatic fashion, the fall out of Beth’s death and needing to find a new direction for the family to go in.

Can it be any more dramatic?

WARNING : Quite obviously there will be spoilers in this review, if you haven’t read how I review things I prattle on about all the events in the show so if you haven’t watched it do not read on till after you have seen it. As I review the season I’ll keep all major spoilers out of the beginning of the reviews.

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Happy Birthday Tom Hiddleston

I enjoyed doing my Christian Bale blog so I thought I’d write one for another actor who I love just as much.

Today Tom turns 34 and even though I don’t have the variety or amount of films that I had to choose from when talking about Christian Bale the very small selection of films Tom has been in still makes it such a hard choice.

So my top 5 films for Tom Hiddleston on his 34th birthday.

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Assassination Classroom : Baseball Time

“Yakyū no Jikan” (野球の時間)

If you don’t already know what this anime is about I’d suggest you read my review of episode one. If you have never heard of it before you might want to hear of it.

The first episode showed a way of grinding comedy, personal drama and action together to make one of the most fun and exciting series I think I’m ever going to watch.

So will anyone be able to touch Koro Sensei this week?

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The Walking Dead : Coda

Just in time for the second half of season 5 starting this Sunday I have completed my full run down of The Walking Dead including reviewing the first half of season 5.

We are now here. At the end. Shall we begin?

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