Week 4

26th January – 1st February

A rather busy week for me as I’ve been doing overtime at work. Drama as always tinged with attempting to get up at a reasonable time…

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Assassination Classroom : Assassination Time

“Ansatsu no Jikan” (暗殺の時間)

To go along with the psychological thriller of Death Parade I shall be reviewing the comedy series Ansatsu Kyoushitsu or Assassination Classroom. With a monster for a teacher the kids have a year to assassinate him before he kills them all.

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The Walking Dead : Consumed

Season 5, Episode 6

We carry on with catching up with everyone this week and get what will probably be my favourite episode in the whole world until another one like it. A Carol and Daryl episode.

Now I don’t ship the two of them romantically but I do love them as a pairing, two survivors of their own past let alone the end of the world.

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