The Other Guys (2010)

Rating :Β 

A police odd-couple action comedy film that see’s Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg team up as one of the strangest couples you’ll possibly meet.

A film that is highly entertaining but also strangely forgettable at the same time. What makes it so good and what makes it forgettable?

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The Omen (1976)

Rating :Β 

A movie that really has stood the test of time. From the brilliant cast to the rather chilling story, The Omen has been a hit since it arrived in the cinema’s.

So popular it spawned three sequels and as recently as 2006 a new remake.

I shall never look at a little boy called Damien in the same way again!

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The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971)

Rating :Β 

A film whose murders are inspired by the 10 plagues of Egypt, The Abominable Dr. Phibes is a classic British movie starring Vincent Price as the titular character who goes on the stylish killing spree to revenge his dead wife.

A very imaginative film that I feel doesn’t get the recognition it deserves nowadays.

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Strictly Come Dancing : Week Two Fan Girl Magazine

Week 2!! Last week we got off to a explosive start. One of our favourite casts in a long LONG time. The new professionals have made a brilliant impression and we are looking forward to a series of brilliance!

This week we’ve split the celebs up into two teams Team Anna and Team Amanda, we decided we need to split them to properly talk about them more. Team Anna consists of Sunetra, Scott, Caroline, Jennifer, Tim, Judy and Alison. Team Amanda consisted of Steve, Pixie, Mark, Thom, Frankie, Gregg and Simon. Jake was the odd one out but after the Dance Off and me losing one of my team meant he came to me!

So attempt two of the Fan Girl Magazine is GO!

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Psycho (1960)

Rating :Β 

The most instantly recognized and one of the legendary horror movies. EVERYONE has seen or heard of Psycho, and if you haven’t I’d like to visit that rock you’ve been living under!

From the iconic shower scene to the big reveal at the end Hitchcocks Psycho is a beloved film that is just as loved now as it was back then. To the point that it has been selected by the US Library of Congress to be preserved in the National Film Registry for its Cultural, historical or aesthetic significance.

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My One Piece Adventure : Sabaody Archipelago Arc

Or the beginning of the end if you like.

I kind of guessed what was coming at the end of this, well not the end end of this but nearly the end of this arc. I knew about the two year time skip and the moment I figured they all had been separated I worried a little that this was what it meant….

We’ll see I guess!

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