My One Piece Adventure : Getting to Know Luffy // Catching Up

The fighting is over and all there is to do now is for everyone to get back together and to sail off on more adventures…

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Detachment (2011)

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One big fact about me is I will sit down and watch just about ANYTHING that stars Adrien Brody in it. There are two actors I can say that about, the other being Karl Urban. I won’t even look to see what a film is about as long as it has one of two of them in it I’ll watch it.

Detachment was one of those films that I didn’t even bother to read about.

And you really don’t need to bother reading about it because from the moment it starts you get hooked in on such a interesting and bleak story.

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Doctor Who : Kill The Moon -Spoilers-

There are many reasons why I haven’t reviewed anything after Caretaker and the big reason is this episode right here.

Kill the Moon is one of those episodes that could just be any kind of episode but it also has a big moral question that is very close to a lot of people’s lives.

So why didn’t I like Kill the Moon?

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Strictly Come Dancing Week 4

You might have noticed last week that I did not enjoy Movie week whatsoever. I am very much happy we are back to no theme but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to stick with the series if it carries on like last week.

Sometimes I feel like I missed something in the show. Most dances don’t look or feel like they are actually proper dances anymore. So many feel like show dances with one or two elements of a proper dance in it. I don’t feel people who DO do a proper routine are given enough credit over people who faff about a lot and don’t do a full routine that looks anything like it should and I also don’t like the (and never have) one rule for one and one for the other thing we had going on this week.

I think I’m just overly grumpy.

Anyway on with the show as they say.

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