The Musketeers Screencaps

Screencap master post. We currently (and very obviously) don’t have all of Series 1 but we’ll be adding Series 2 to it. It’ll be updated when I have a chance every week.

Credits : Here

Series 1
Episode One – Friends and Enemies :Β Here
Episode Two – Sleight of Hand : Here
Episode Three – Commodities : Here
Episode Four – The Good Soldier : Here
Episode Five – The Home Coming :
Episode Six – The Exiles : Here
Episode Seven – A Rebellious Women : Here

Series 2
Episode One – Keep Your Friends Closer : Here
Episode Two – An Ordinary Man : Here

Enjoy ! And don’t forget to keep an eye on the forum for more screencaps and fun!

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One Piece : Half and Half

Chapter 773

It has been a while but last time out we left Cabbage and Bird-kun fighting with Dellinger and Gladius. We learnt more then enough about Dellinger and left with Hakuba running wild…

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Gaming Babble : Kingdom Hearts Final Mix 2.5 Part 3

Or As the Duck Quacks!

Gaming Babble has obviously taken a bit of a rest and we’re back to finish off Kingdom Hearts 2.5.

There is much fun this time out as we travel through a few different lands and we make lots of new friends. The excitement doesn’t want to end and we get carried far and wide on our little Gummi ship and even get to meet old friends as well as battle Gods and mythical beings.

You can tell I’m excited right?

You probably can’t tell I’m writing this whilst listening to “I am the Doctor” by Murray Gold and getting over excited. I’ll stop!

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Top TV Programs of 2014

I watched hell of a lot of TV in 2014 compared to 2013. There were some really decent shows all through the year.

There were hell of a lot of highs but some lows as well. So I thought I’d write a blog telling you my favourites of last year.

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Week 1

As Amanda said in her mega post the other day I’ve been asked to write a weekly diary talking about my anxiety and other problems. It is going to be hell of a boring blog for you to read, as my life is pretty empty and meaningless, but I think that is what they wanted. For me to find something to stop feeling empty and meaningless.

I don’t take anything to help with my anxiety, mainly because the doctors and all that have noticed that taking pills tends to make me worse over time, I struggle a lot and recently (not that recently a few years ago) in doing a lot. I lost a lot that meant a lot to me, things that made me do creative things and made me feel like I was actually doing something with my life no matter how small. Whereas before I’d wake up the second my alarm went off to do something now I’ll lie about half the day staring into space before getting up and feeling sorry for myself that I’ve wasted most of the day. Whereas I used to go out to take pictures of anything I could now the thought of picking up my camera makes me cry (unrelated thing that happened to me in 2013… Much closer then the events that left me feeling uncreative.)

The diary is meant to make me work towards getting better. Its meant to make me want to get up the second my alarm goes off, make me want to do my Wii Fit exercises every day and lose some weight, make me want to save money or buy things I really want instead of spending loads on food and feeling like I’ve wasted my money.

Its also here so that people who go through the same kind of thing as I do can pick up tips from what I do or leave tips so that other people can see it and we can hopefully work together to get just a little bit better.

I should post on Sunday’s, providing I don’t crash and burn before even turning on a computer. If not it’ll be over Monday or Tuesday.

And it’ll simply be numbered. Like this one. Week One. Which actually starts in the second week of January AND half way THROUGH that week at that!

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Broadchurch : Episode 2

Series 2, Episode 2

After a bit of a disappointing opening episode we return once more to Broadchurch.

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