Chinese F1 Grand Prix 2015

No one would have guessed we’d see Vettel win the race last week. After a bland opening GP in Australia we were treated for some good racing and a “shock” result.

I’ve said now at least twice that China tends to be the forgettable race for me. Will this weekend be the first time I care about a Chinese GP?

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Week 14

6th April – 12th April

Week 4 Question :
Your Views on Religion

That is quite simple really. I believe the best thing about religion is the way it can bring people together.

There are bad and good sides to everything so I’m not going to go into a big rant about religion in general.

At the end of the day who are we to judge others for the way they live their lives? As long as they don’t hurt you who cares which gods they believe in or indeed whether they believe in a god or not? I never got what the big problem was with different religions. We’re in a age where we know that our religions had starting points, roots in other religions and so on. I don’t get why anyone’s belief regardless of whether or not it is religious or not should be belittled or the topic of discussion for anyone in a negative way.

Life is hard and if people want to believe in gods, spirits, afterlives or whatever then who are you to tell them they can’t?

And what I never EVER got with some people is when people believe in things and obviously cherish that belief that they feel the need to be so cruel as to take that away from them. Like just why?

Of course like all beliefs and all philosophies and all religions there is a point where we need to challenge ideology of all sorts. People need to be inclusive regardless of their beliefs because we live in a society where we have to rub shoulders with all sorts of people from all sorts of walks of life. There is no room for excluding other people on the basis of their differences to you.

So the short answer is this :

Religion and what it means is up to the person who believes in it. It has a lot of good qualities that can help people. I don’t think one religion is right or wrong, I don’t believe that any are superior to another. People have the right to believe what they want without having to be harassed for it.

That being said religion can not become a barrier in which to hide behind whilst degrading other people for their beliefs (or indeed lack thereof.)

If you believe then believe. If you don’t don’t. You will never change the others mind by being small minded.

Also do not use it as a shield for your own prejudices in life. If you have a prejudice against a group of people that is yours not that of the group you thereby attach yourself too.

Live and let live. That’s my motto.

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Plastic Memories : I Don’t Want You to Hold Me Back

“Ashi o Hipparitakunai node” (足を引っ張りたくないので)

The first episode of this episode was a steep learning curve for everyone, learning about the Giftia and the Termination Service.

Not the typical kind of anime for me to watch but I found this one strangely lovely.

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