Minecraft #8

The work on the plaza continues with the addition of some shops!

Its the first step in making the actual floating CITY itself. Obviously up until now it has been a bit empty other then the temple so it’ll be nice to get the city started.

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The Walking Dead : Try

The Ricktatorship is starting to awaken, Deanna is having second thoughts about his group and how they are managing to “take over” as it was and Father Gabriel is a freakin’ ass hole. There is no other word to describe him. Man do I hate his stupid face and I wish it was him that had the fated destiny of Noah last week.

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Week 11

16th March – 22nd March

Funny thing beginnings right? I never know how to start this blog off, in fact as you can probably tell I struggle to think of how to start most blogs off, but how do you start a blog off that is completely different each week and in which I usually just go on about how depressed I am?!

So I thought so that at least the beginning of the blog is interesting I’d do some 30 day challenges… Turning them into 30 week challenges I guess. I mean who knows the blog might disappear before 30 weeks is over but never mind! If not I’ve saved a few to my computer (I know they are old news!) so that I can do some more if I finish!

So Day 1 Week 1 :
Weird things you do when you’re alone…

Hmmm, I’m not sure really! I don’t do much different from when I’m alone and when I’m not alone honestly! I don’t really do weird things either, not in a big headed way but because I just don’t find anything I do particularly weird! Then again I’m a weird person. I guess I talk to myself a lot when I haven’t got other people around, I have full blown arguments with myself with one half of the argument storming out and the other sitting in my chair grumping about stuff.

That is a really boring answer I know! I’m sure it’ll pick up though.

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