Eraserhead (1977)

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I know so many people who are fans of David Lynch, I had never seen a David Lynch film before sitting down to watch Eraserhead.

How it had been described to me by the people who had seen it?

The weirdest film you’ll ever see…. You’ll never forget it when you’ve seen it…. Don’t try to think too much about it….

Agreeing to watch the film for our Halloween film season. Well I was just a little scared at what I’ll find!

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Ringu (1998)

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A horror legend that spawned many a sequel and remake. Ringu is the original Japanese horror in the Ring series.

A film based on a novel based on Folklore, it is easy to see why Hideo Nakata’s film became so popular worldwide and why even to this day it and its whole family of films still inspire fear to any who watch it.

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Strictly Come Dancing : Fangirls First Impression of the Couples

The blog was a bit bare this week, I will admit it. I wanted so much to get it written that we didn’t put too much effort in. We’ve been talking it through though this week and we have a action plan for next week so look out next Monday for our fangirl blog!

As it is on this wonderful Thursday that I have off I decided, seeing we didn’t really talk about how we felt about the pairings in our blog I’d dive right in and tell you all my feelings on our wonderful Strictly partnerships!

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Raggedy Ann and Andy : A Musical Adventure (1977)

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A flash from my childhood, a film that my whole family have wanted on DVD but by the looks of it will never get. Raggedy Ann and Andy :  A Musical Adventure is such a strange and bizarre yet touching movie that as a kid just makes you smile and as a adult makes you scratch your head.

What was it that I loved as a kid and could I find it re-watching it as a adult?

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Little Shop of Horros (1986)

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I’ll kick off my side of the Halloween season with a musical!

OK so you are never going to be scared of Little Shop of Horrors from the opening singing with a terrified looking cat watching three ladies in matching blue dresses singing in a thunder storm till the end number.

There is no better time then to watch it though then during Halloween. Especially with young’uns who are too young for the Freddies and Jason’s of the world (they magic them into their heads without seeing what adults have done to their nightmares!)

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Gotham Episode 2 Selina Kyle

We had a very strong opening episode last week, we’ll see if the show can keep the momentum going into the second episode. And as the title gives away we’re getting to know the future Cat Women a little better.

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