Week 2

I’m not sure what I should write at the beginning of each of these blogs. I feel a warning that it might be a very depressing read is possibly in order.

This week I really haven’t done too much so it’ll be short and sweet I guess!

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Gaming Babble : Kingdom Hearts Final Remix 2.5 Part 4


My childhood is slowly crashing down around me, something has to reignite my happiness that I once had over the game. I think I’ve just generally been upset about everything since having to play 5 hours of prologue!

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The Walking Dead : Strangers

Season 2, Episode 2

The group are back together and now the question of where they are going has been raised. Its hard to tell how Rick feels as the group just make their way away from Terminus.

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The Musketeers Screencaps

Screencap master post. We currently (and very obviously) don’t have all of Series 1 but we’ll be adding Series 2 to it. It’ll be updated when I have a chance every week.

Credits : Here

Series 1
Episode One – Friends and Enemies :ย Here
Episode Two – Sleight of Hand : Here
Episode Three – Commodities : Here
Episode Four – The Good Soldier : Here
Episode Five – The Home Coming :
Episode Six – The Exiles : Here
Episode Seven – A Rebellious Women : Here

Series 2
Episode One – Keep Your Friends Closer : Here
Episode Two – An Ordinary Man : Here

Enjoy ! And don’t forget to keep an eye on the forum for more screencaps and fun!

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