Fairy Tail Zero : Dances with Blades

Chapter 4

Mavis and Zeira are being taken on a adventure with Yuriy, Precht and Warrod. Or at least Yuriy kind of has to take them after promising to show Mavis the fairies.

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Assassination Classroom : Confession Time

Chapter 133

It went from Kayano was unsaveable to trying to save her to ???

I like the character of Kayano and I loved the twist in her story but I feel kind of let down by the way it has gone.

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Malaysian F1 Grand Prix 2015

After an impressive start for MercedesΒ  in what turned out to be a snore inducing Australian GP the F1 circus rolls around to Malaysia.

One of the great things about Malaysia at times is that you can’t predict it. One year will be a great GP, another will be boring. One year we’ll racing under typhoon conditions the next it’ll just be hot and clear.

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Week 12

23rd March – 29th March

Week 2 Question :
How have you changed in the last two years?

Well its funny. I’ve become more confident without really showing it, I’ve become more open without really knowing it and I’ve become happier without ever feeling it.

Strange I know but its true.

Two years ago I’d jump at my own shadow (OK I still do that quite often,) I couldn’t make eye contact with anyone and I kept everything bottled inside me till I exploded (strangely enough I DID explode two years ago which is probably why I changed.)

I’m getting to the point where I don’t care what I think everyone else thinks about me (yeah stupid) because I’m kind of happy with myself the way I am. I still have a ways to go but I’ve got to the conclusion that to be honest if I just smile and be myself I’m going to turn out fine regardless of whether I think at that time I’m going to be fine. Everything will turn out alright I just need to keep doing the things that make me happy. Of course that is always hard but I’m trying.

I’m trying. *Shakes fists* I’m trying….

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