Barakamon : Yakamashika

“Yakamashika” (やかま)
Translation : Annoying

We were introduced to the crazy world of Handa, a calligraphy genius who has been sent to a small island to “cool off” and rethink himself after punching a curator who didn’t like his work.

We’ve met the very friendly, some would say over friendly, neighbours as well as their kids who have been using his empty house as a base and don’t seem ready to give it up quite yet.

Through all this there is a story of a artist trying to find his own unique style.

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Barakamon : Barakakodon

I like things that are a bit out there and wacky and when I read about this slice of life anime with a character shipped off to a island where he has to get used to his neighbours who are all a bit strange I was interested right away!

I’m really excited by this anime through its synopsis and can’t wait to see what its all about!

So episode 1 :

“Barakakodon” (ばらかこどん)
Translation : Cheerful Child

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The Great F1 Dream #11 : McLaren Mercedes

Ferrari and their 878 race starts was our topic last time. This time we’ve got McLaren and their 751 race starts (757 races.)

The British team was founded by New Zealander Bruce McLaren and is the second oldest Formula One team active at the moment (only being beaten by Ferrari.)

So from their first race at the 1966 Monaco GP to their latest race lets talk McLaren?

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Bakumatsu Rock : Bath Concert! Lets get passionate naked!

It is easy to love this anime, it is strange in its way but has a deep message hidden within.

Even though the first few episodes have been very light hearted there is a plot underneath that I can’t wait to see come to light. With the title of this episode… I’m not sure it is going to come to light any time soon.

On with the nakedness!

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Bakumatsu Rock : Passion! Lets Work!

With each episode so far our knowledge of the world around us has increased and we’ve learnt a lot about the group and about passion soul.

The reason I’ve enjoyed it so far is how different it is, the whole premise is a bit crazy and I’ve loved every second of it.

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Bakumatsu Rock : Top Idol! Rampage at a concert!

In a time where the army is keeping peace by creating idols within their ranks the only thing that can save the world is Rock and that is what we are getting from our very own rock band.

I really enjoyed episode one so thought I’d carry on reviewing Bakumatsu Rock, with such a fun opening I have high hopes for the second episode!

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