Death Parade : Memento Mori

“Memento Mori” (メメント·モリ)

The disappointing episode 10 leads onto the penultimate episode of the season. So many questions have been brought up all season and so much looks like it’ll be ignored.

Will episode 11 set us on the path of understanding?

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Death Parade : Story Teller

“Sutōrī Terā” (ストーリー・テラー)

Story Teller is the beginning of the end for the Arbiters. More so it is the beginning of the end for the Assistant.

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Inside No. 9 : La Couchette

If you haven’t watched the first season of Inside No.9 then don’t worry, the series is a anthology series, each episode is its own self contained little masterpiece full of dark comedy and brimming with talented guest stars.

Written by Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton I have been counting the days down to the second season.

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