Game of Thrones : Iron From Ice

So if you haven’t guessed this is going to take over from Sam and Max for at least three weeks. The Game of Thrones Telltale game which see’s you play as a variety of characters related to House Forrester in some way.

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Fairy Tail Zero : A Moonlit Lake

Chapter 5

Lets recap.

We are following the story of Mavis. Mavis meets Yuriy, Warrod and Precht. Mavis (and her friend Zeira) leave Tenrou Island to find the Tenrou Jade. Mavis and Precht find out that Blue Skull, who stole the Jade, are in Magnolia.

Not only that but Zeref.

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F1 : Chinese 2015 GP Preview

Race Day : 12th April

Malaysia was one of the most fun races I’ve seen in a while. It also gave us a “shock” of seeing a Ferrari back on the top step with the iconic combination of German and Italian national anthems playing one after the other.

It was a good weekend with little to no drama behind the racing but plenty of drama on the track. The way I believe F1 should be.

Two races in and the championship is so much closer then we’d imagine but there is also the question of just how much of a blunder did Mercedes make in their strategy and if Ferrari can really challenge the Mercedes all season long.

We now go on to China!

Drivers Championship Top 5

1 : Lewis HAMILTON
2 : Sebastian VETTEL
3 : Nico ROSBERG
4 : Felipe MASSA

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Yurikuma Arashi : Yuri Kuma Arashi

“Yuri Kuma Arashi” (ユリ熊嵐)

The bears are going… The final episode is here. Goodbye bears.

“We hated you from the beginning — and loved you from the beginning, too. And so we wanted to become true friends with you. To cross the wall… “

This is my final Promised Kiss to all you Yurikuma fans out there.

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