To live the dream *sigh*

So we got our first e-mail on our new e-mail account ( and it was aimed at me.

ME I tell you ME!

So I thought without much of a delay I’d answer said e-mail which simply asked “what was your dream? And why did you give it up?”

A bit harsh really? I don’t think I’ve given up on my dream I’ve just been set back quite a lot on it and now am in a place where I have no idea where to reach the goal I’d given myself.

So to start off let me tell you my BIG DREAM shall I?

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The Great Geek Problem Solver

We have been toying with the idea of a Agony Aunt for a while, and now I have been put in charge of filling that gap.

My name is The Problem Solver (well until a better name crops up) and I am here to answer all of your woes. Whether they be real life woes or whimsical woes no matter what the question I will answer it to the best of my abilities.

If you have any type of question you want to ask me send it to Believe in Geeks new e-mail :

I will post a new question/answer every Tuesday/Thursday permitting we get any.

As I said they can be real life questions, random ramblings you want me to comment on or else made up fictional questions. I’ll answer just about anything.

So get writing!

The Following Season One

So I’ve just finished watching the first season of The Following. The season follows former FBI Detective Ryan Hardy as he follows the cult of serial killer Joe Carrol, a man obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe.

The series stars Kevin Bacon as Hardy and James Purefoy as Carroll.

Looking at the series from the outside it seems a completely bonkers idea for a show, you really don’t know what to expect from a series about a cult with someone like James Purefoy playing the leader of said cult.

So how was it?

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20 years on – A chance to remember the fallen

Today marks the day that 20 years ago Formula One legend Ayrton Senna passed away during the Imola GP.

It was a terrible weekend in racing with the terrible crashΒ of Rubens Barrichello (who thankfully survived and had a long and wonderful career) and the death of Roland Ratzenberger.

I like to think of May 1st not only of a day to celebrate a legend of our sport but also to remember and celebrate the drivers who lost their lives all through Formula One’s history, and to be thankful that safety is at such a high point that freak accidents like Felipe Massa’s accident at the 2009 Hungarian GPΒ thankfully have not ended in a death since.

Ayrton Senna means a lot to every generation of racing fan, in my lifetime I have met people who remember him racing and people who weren’t even alive when he was racing all who have the utmost respect and love for the man. His talent and personality were so great I don’t think his memory will ever die as long as there are people who love this sport.

Seasons in a flash….

I’d like to introduce myself. Hi my name is Anna and I’m one of those people who hear about interesting TV shows and end up falling in love with them one season in when the second season is about to end.

Right now this describes two series, Bates Motel and The Following. To be fair I kind of binge watched Bates Motel a week before the second series started but have been too busy to write about it, The Following I started Β binging on last week with my mum (long story short, we love James Purefoy) and yeah… The finale of season two is tonight and I’m about to watch the season finale of season one.

SOOO with that in mind and the inactiveness of the site recently I will be writing three blogs. One on season one and two of Bates Motel (I have kept up to date with it so no reaction blogs) then one on season one of The Following. THEN I will blog my reactions weekly to season two (though I’ll probably binge it and spread the reviews out over a number of days or weeks… Not going to lie to you I love the series.)

You might point to my lack of Hannibal blogs as a reason not to trust me. The problem with Hannibal this season being one I’ll express at a later date.

But so you know I WILL be having those three blogs up (I might do live reactions to the last few Bates Motel Season Two episodes) and will start my The Following blog soon.

Family Guy : The Quest for Stuff Initial Reaction

Anyone that knows me knows that I love my Simpsons Tapped Out (Awerka89 for anyone who wants to add me!) so when they announced there would be a Family Guy version this year I got really excited. I missed the launch, don’t know why I thought I’d have randomly heard it was out but I finally got it so lets talk about the game.

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