Assassination Classroom : School Trip Time / 2nd Period

“Shūgakuryokō no Jikan· Ni-Jikan-Me” (修学旅行の時間・2時間目)

The second part of the school trip can hardly live up to the drama of the first. No two episodes are alike though so what does 2nd period have in store?

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Life is Strange : Chrysalis

Episode 1

Focused on the character of Maxine Caulfield Life is Strange is a episodic adventure game.

The talk of your choices meaning something as you go along is why I brought the game, I was meaning to buy it since it came out but kept forgetting.

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Gotham : Everyone Has a Cobblepot

I have to put my hands up and say I laughed uncontrollably when I heard the title of the episode. I really thought it was going to be some stupid thing about Penguin.

Instead it was something a little different.

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50 Shades of Grey (2015)

Rating : 

50 Shades of Grey blew out of nowhere and ended up everywhere in a very small period of time a few years ago. Since then you can’t move without people muttering of their Christian Grey.

I am one of what feels like the smallest of minorities that haven’t read the book, having not bothered after having every small detail told to me by the people at work. After suffering from a bad week my partner decided to take me to see the move for a bit of a laugh and cheer me up.

So much hype for this but was it any good?

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