The Great F1 Dream #2 …. Even more Introductions

So I’ve introduced you to the blog and the whole idea of it and seeing we have a free weekend I thought maybe it would be a good idea to introduce you to my “F1 life” as it were.

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The Great Problem Solver : Knowledge is the key?

“I love Doctor Who, I always have, I’ve watched it since I was a kid and have seen nearly every episode. The problem is that I don’t retain information really well, I can’t remember quotes or random characters that only every appeared once or twice in the history of the program, I constantly get mixed up with which Doctors did what and can never remember names of episodes. Because of this whenever I have conversations with fans and if I can’t remember what they are talking about and look confused they class me as a “new” fan and just pretending to care about the classic series. Is there anyway I can stop myself looking so useless?
-Forgetful Whovian
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Grand Prix of Spain 2014

Formula One returns to Europe in sunny Catalonia. Hamilton is on a roll having dominated since the second race, Daniel Ricciardo is still having all of the luck of Red Bull whilst Vettel is struggling just a little.

We’ll have to see how it all plays out but it looks like it’ll be an interesting fight between the Mercedes race long. Lets go!

Starting Grid
Pole : Lewis Hamilton
Second : Nico Rosberg
Third : Daniel Ricciardo
Fourth : ValtteriΒ Bottas
Fifth : Romain Grosjean
Sixth : Kimi Raikkonen
Seventh : Fernando Alonso
Eighth : Jenson Button
Ninth : Felipe Massa
Tenth : Sebastian Vettel

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The great neighbours debate

No we don’t mean the Australian Soap!

We’ve started to work on the discussion/debate thread again and this months discussion is on neighbours.

The discussion @GeekMind Forum has already started (slowly) so we thought we’d open it up to you guys.

Do you get on with your neighbours? Could you name each of them?

If you overheard an argument or thought someone was being hurt would you feel right phoning police to intervene or is it none of our business what happens next door?

Or do you just want to gossip about your neighbours like Anna did? Either way join in the discussion here or on the forum!

To live the dream *sigh*

So we got our first e-mail on our new e-mail account ( and it was aimed at me.

ME I tell you ME!

So I thought without much of a delay I’d answer said e-mail which simply asked “what was your dream? And why did you give it up?”

A bit harsh really? I don’t think I’ve given up on my dream I’ve just been set back quite a lot on it and now am in a place where I have no idea where to reach the goal I’d given myself.

So to start off let me tell you my BIG DREAM shall I?

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