Gotham : The Fearsome Dr. Crane

Another big name is being dragged out this week and that name is Crane. With Gotham’s ever growing villain gallery I’m hoping for something special this week.

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Assassination Classroom : Grown-up Time

“Otona no Jikan” (大人の時間)

For the students of class E (or the End Class) it’ll be just another day of trying to assassinate their teacher. They’ve got a great new member called Karma who seems to match Koro-Sensei’s personality quite well. Other then being overly sadistic.

EDIT : I just realised at the last moment that I posted instead of scheduling the post… Episode 2 and 3s review will be out tomorrow. I apologise for being stupid.

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The Walking Dead : Crossed

People are going out to save Beth and Carol from the hospital. Our group is now split into four. Atlanta rescue team, Church team, Hospital team and the “We fucking hate Eugene” team (OK I made the last one up but it sounded more fun…)

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Yurikuma Arashi : I want to have you all to myself

“Anata o Hitorijime shitai” (あなたをヒトリジメしたい)

I doubt anything will top how much I loved last weeks episode, it was probably one of the greatest things I’ve ever watched.

I now actually understand what is going on and I’m so happy…

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