Miroslav Klose (Germany)

132 appearances for Germany. 70 goals.

He might not be everyone’s favourite man but he’s a legend in his own right….

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The Great F1 Dream #7 : Infiniti Red Bull Racing

Taking over from the Jaguar Racing Team, Red Bull bounced onto the grid in 2005.

Straight from the off they became known for being one of the most laid back and friendly teams, but deadly serious about their racing and extremely proud of any and every achievement they make.

It took till 2010 (only 5 years!) to get their first championship and since then no one has been able to stop them.

They are currently the Constructors Champions with the Drivers Champion still driving for them.

Current line up :

Team Principal : Christian Horner

Chief Technical Officer : Adrian Newey

Race Drivers : Sebastian Vettel (1) , Daniel Ricciardo (3)

Test Drivers : Sébastien Buemi (15) , António Félix da Costa

The Car :

Chassis : RB10
Engine : Renault

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Felipe Massa – The big question

So…. No this isn’t going to be a strange opinion piece on Felipe Massa or anything. My friend is a big fan of Felipe Massa’s, I used to like him but went off him a tiny bit when he seemed to have an excuse for everything and anything.

Today we had an interesting twitter conversation, I have come to the conclusion through my own personal interaction that most people here in Britain seem to like Felipe. He’s an alright guy and we can get behind him as a underdog. He’s not too annoying, too in your face or too anything! He’s quite a nice guy in general.

My friend has come to a complete and utter different conclusion and believes that Britain shares my opinion of him as a moany, drippy type.

Now this isn’t a scientific poll or anything like that but I decided to see if we can get some answers!

So below please vote on whether or not you like Felipe Massa. You don’t have to support him, but if you just generally like him as a person/driver.

And of course we don’t just want the Brits to have a say so if you aren’t from Britain you can have your say below!


Please feel free to leave comments on the blog!

And remember here on BelieveinGeek we believe everyone has a right to their opinion so no flaming or bashing of other peoples views. Discuss them, have friendly banter, talk it out of course! We love to see opinions clash, but do not insult another poster or their view. No one is right, no one is wrong, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

And please only vote once! I know it is quite easy to get around the repeat voting blocks so please just vote the once.

Grosser Pries von Österreich 2014

Yes I love writing the name of the Grand Prix as it says on the F1 website. Isn’t that just a lovely way of looking at a Formula One race? Grosser Pries von Österreich.

The first time we’ve been here for a long, LONG while and only a handful of drivers were about back then.

So with the good news that Michael Schumacher (the last winner here in Austria) is recovering from his skiing accident lets get on to the race!

Starting Grid
Pole : Felipe Massa
Second : Valtteri Bottas
Third : Nico Rosberg
Fourth : Fernando Alonso
Fifth : Daniel Ricciardo
Sixth : Kevin Magnussen
Seventh : Daniil Kvyat
Eighth : Kimi Räikkönen
Ninth : Lewis Hamilton
Tenth : Nico Hulkenberg

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The Great F1 Dream #6 : Speech Problems

Don’t you just hate it when people think that you should just be able to make friends?

My sisters both found it easy to get on with people, literally my youngest sister has just been rehomed in a completely different area from where we’ve lived our whole life and she’s already got a whole load of new friends.


I don’t know, I can’t talk to anyone. My sister doesn’t understand and she’ll try to make out that she’s shy too but she doesn’t know the half of it!

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FIFA 2014 World Cup : Germany v Ghana

Where did all the blogs that I said we’d be doing go?

What happened?

I do apologize! Unfortunately we learnt the Italy score before we saw the match and we’ve been too depressed to watch it yet… Even if it comes AFTER Italy’s last game (which again we won’t be watching… Angry face!) we will live blog their matches. I mean Italy is our team of course we will!

Lets forget all that though and focus on Germany’s second match!

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