Yurikuma Arashi : The Moon Girl and the Forest Girl

“Tsuki no Musume to Mori no Musume” (月の娘と森の娘)

The series that just keeps giving as long as you are true to your love. Another week and another piece of the puzzle is falling into place.

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Broadchurch Episode 6

The trial of Joe Miller continues, the confusing story of Sandbrook continues and of course there is a lot of other pull your hair out moments to add on to that!

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Tokyo Ghoul : Dove // Supper

“Shirohato” (白鳩)  // “Bansan” (晩餐)
(Season 1, Episode 3 // 4 -Recap-)

The first two episodes, in my opinion, were a bit of a mixed bag. There is still so much to this series then I’ve so much seen.

Lets see if the third and fourth episodes interest me more so then the first two.

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Tokyo Ghoul : Tragedy // Incubation

“Higeki” (悲劇) // “Fuka” (孵化)
(Season 1, Episode 1 // 2 -Recap-)

Tokyo Ghoul is currently one of the most popular anime’s around. The first season totally went past me as I was busy but with the second season already starting we felt it was a anime we needed to review. I’m binge watching season one as season two is pretty far in so what you’ll get from me is two reviews in one and maybe some days that means I’ll be posting four reviews a day. Only for Season 1, season 2 will start like normal when I catch up with season 1.

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The Walking Dead : What Happened and What’s Going On

Season 5b returns in dramatic fashion, the fall out of Beth’s death and needing to find a new direction for the family to go in.

Can it be any more dramatic?

WARNING : Quite obviously there will be spoilers in this review, if you haven’t read how I review things I prattle on about all the events in the show so if you haven’t watched it do not read on till after you have seen it. As I review the season I’ll keep all major spoilers out of the beginning of the reviews.

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Happy Birthday Tom Hiddleston

I enjoyed doing my Christian Bale blog so I thought I’d write one for another actor who I love just as much.

Today Tom turns 34 and even though I don’t have the variety or amount of films that I had to choose from when talking about Christian Bale the very small selection of films Tom has been in still makes it such a hard choice.

So my top 5 films for Tom Hiddleston on his 34th birthday.

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