Sam & Max : Culture Shock

I brought the complete collection of Sam and Max games the other day, I already have owned Hit the Road since I was about…. Well forever! As Hit the Road is quite long I might need to do a Gaming Babble blog about that one at some point but I thought I’d review the smaller episodic games as I play them through.

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One Piece : Cabbage & Romeo

Chapter 772

Last week we saw a epic battle followed by the most wonderful engagement.

OK lets face it last week can’t be trumped in randomness. Then again the title of this weeks chapter attempts to trump it.

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My One Piece Adventure : Dressrosa Arc (Final leg)

It is Christmas eve and would you believe it? I AM UP TO DATE WITH ONE PIECE MANGA!

This journey has been emotional and difficult but now I am up to date I can now go to reviewing the new chapters when they arrive and finally don’t have to hide anything on Tumblr in case of spoilers!

In the new year I’ll be doing a few blogs covering my epic journey (which would have taken less time if it hadn’t been for my terrible year!) but this will be the last of my giant blogs of feels.

(Well until I choose the next stupidly long catch up with something blog!)

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The Hogfather

Anyone that knows anything about me knows that my life revolves around the Discworld. I’ve been reading Terry Pratchett novels since I was a kid and own all his works. The Discworld is like a home to me, a perfect escape from my life.

So when Christmas rolls around there is only ever one book (and TV movie) I want to read (watch).

The Hogfather…

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