Discussion 26 : The Great Neighbour Debate

So during May we were discussing our thoughts on our neighborhoods. No we weren’t gossiping about our actual neighbours (well most of us didn’t!) or talking about the Australian Soap Neighbours.

The main question we were asking was whether or not we knew our neighbours and the wider question of would we know enough about them to be able to spot warning signs (signs of abuse, signs of things going badly, signs of even people breaking in) and whether or not after noticing these signs whether we’d do anything about it.

You can see the discussion in full @GeekMind Debate/Discussion Thread.

What did we conclude?

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The Great F1 Dream #4 : Still intro-ing / Rate The Drivers

Well I’m not sure what to call this blog really. As the Thursday blogs will mainly focus for the moment on F1 in general I guess the important thing right now is let you know my feelings on the drivers. Not in depth looks but to let you know at a glance what I feel about the drivers.

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The Great Problem Solver : The Great BIG Geek Closet

“I’m ashamed to tell my friends that I am a Whovian. I grew up with the TV show but never really enjoyed it, when it came back in ’05 I was the only person that actually bothered to watch it and to my great amazement I really enjoyed it and have since enjoyed the classic series so much more. It has given me a bond with my family that I never had before but my friends take the piss out of Whovians all the time at school and think its a stupid kids program. Sould I tell them or should I carry on being a closet Whovian?”
Closet Whovian

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Grand Prix de Monaco 2014

The streets of the historic track of Monaco was calling this weekend. It is a track that rewards drivers ability. Β Hamilton is still on a winning streak but the tension between him and his team mate Nico Rosberg bubbled over in qualifying.

Will anyone be able to beat the Mercedes? Will Nico be able to beat Lewis? Anything can happen in one of the most magical settings on the Formula One Calender.

Starting Grid
Pole : Nico Rosberg
Second : Lewis Hamilton
Third : Daniel Ricciardo
Fourth : Sebastian Vettel
Fifth : Fernando Alonso
Sixth : Kimi Raikkonen
Seventh : Jean-Γ‰ric Vergne
Eighth : Kevin Magnussen
Ninth : Danii Kyvat
Tenth : Sergio Perez

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The Great F1 Dream #3 : Diary Post May “Internet Shyness”

Another year older this month, on the 20th I turned 25. Yeah another big milestone came and went.

Growing old isn’t a topic I want to talk about this month, maybe not even ever. It isn’t a nice thing to want to dwell on. Instead I thought my first personal “diary” post should be about something that dogs me every day.

Internet Shyness.

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Doctor Who returns this August!

So we have had our first teaser trailer [HERE] and the confirmation that it’ll start sometime in August.

Without uttering a single word Peter Capaldi’s eyes set the Who Community alight. Now without even seeing him it seems he’ll do it again in his teaser trailer.

Our first look at his Doctor came post-regen in a crashing TARDIS face to face with a very upset Clara (and possibly a ghostly Amy Pond if she hang around) now we have about three months to go before we get our first full adventure with our new Doctor.

So what are we looking for? What do we want to see? Any stories you want to be told? Any of the official news (not really spoilers) that has come out that you are excited about?

Who is excited?

Monaco Grand Prix Review

Monaco is the crown jewel of the Formula One season. The majestic street circuit that winds itself around the beautiful scene of the Principality of Monaco has been on the calender since 1955.

There have been 33 winners of the Monaco GP, last year it was won by Nico Rosberg and is widely remembered for the six wins by Brazilian legend Ayrton Senna.

So what makes the Monaco GP so great?

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