Gangsta : Naughty Boys

A city full of dirty cops, mobsters, prostitutes and hoodlums. I’m not sure what made me decide it was something I’d want to watch but watch it I did anyway.

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Rampo Kitan : Game of Laplace : The Human Chair (Part 1)

“Ningen Isu (Zenpen)” (人間椅子(前編)) ]

I know nothing about the anime. Anna pointed out she watched a anime a while back with a similar look to the poster and said it was a horror but I haven’t found anything interesting about it other then what Anna said so will give it a go.

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RAW 6/7/15 Review

I said I would no longer be doing the review but I got a e-mail this morning telling me that Pete had fallen asleep during RAW and that he had to re-watch to do his review.

So at first I was like yeah hit me up when you do that because as long as it isn’t when I’m at work or stupid O’Clock in the morning I’d do it with him.

Then I woke up to #CenaVsCesaro and I fangirled and here I am. Stealing his blog. He should’ve done a better job. So rejoice friends because for one more review I am here.

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Week 23

27th June – 5th July

Week 13 Question :
Somewhere you’d like to move or visit?

I’ve talked about it a lot but I’d rather like to move to a few places. In fact one thing I’d love to do at some point is travel. It upsets me when I tell people that and they go “just do it” when I can barely afford to live let alone get train tickets. Maybe one day when I have enough money to learn how to drive I’ll find it easier to move about.

So some places? Rome in Italy is number one with Lucca a close second. Copenhagen is another, EVERYWHERE in Germany, EVERYWHERE in America as well as a whole load of other places.

Wales is probably the EASIEST place I want to go to as is Ireland. 

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SmackDown 2/7/15 Review

My last wrestling review….

Well no because I’m still doing NXT but my last WWE review manages to be SmackDown…. Late.

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