One Piece : Roko

Chapter 811

I don’t want you to get excited. But this is the time to get excited about the manga… I think.

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NXT 23/12/15 Review

The last time I wrote a review for NXT, other then Take Over London, was in August. I feel kinda bad about that but for some reasons, maybe because I saw spoilers for the shows after Take Over Brooklyn and didn’t like the result or something, but Take Over London gave me the boot I needed to start watching once more.

Sorry its late I was working the 24th and wasn’t allowed to watch wrestling on Christmas day!

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Dickensian : Episode 2

So the second episode starts off where we left off a hour ago….

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Still Open All Hours : Christmas Special

Well I guess it actually is episode 1 of series 2 but there you go.

Still Open All Hours is back! Everyone smile our favs are back!!!

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Dickensian : Episode 1

The Christmas period wouldn’t feel right without something Dicken’s about it and the BBC this year has given us a right treat by starting their new series Dickensian on Boxing Day.

Dickensian brings together all our favourite Dicken’s character together for a majestic period drama with all the usual BBC magic.

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The Detectorists Christmas Special

We haven’t reviewed The Detectorists on here but all the Brits on the page watch it. Its a wonderful little comedy starring Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones.

At the end of series 2 at the beginning of the month Lance (Jones) found himself some gold whilst Andy (Crook) decides to leave Botswana with Baby Stan and Becky…

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