Life is Strange 2 : Wastelands

I know I’m a little late to talk about this one but LiS2 had its third episode come out last week and I was honestly waiting for the second I could download it.

With a lot of negative feelings towards the series so far I was so looking forward to whether the series was going to pull out a show stopper to shut the naysayers up.

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Ghosts : Moonah Ston

Another week of watching Alison struggle with both the world of her Ghostly friends and that of her normal day to day life.

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Back in Time… RAW May 13th 1996

Last week was a great RAW with Goldust at ringside being creepy, getting to see Tekno Team 2000 who I hopefully will have seen the last of and we got more accusations against Shawn Michaels.

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Week 55 : Are people in this current generation less or more sensitive than people from past generations?

Our generation is constantly being told that we are too sensitive and that we should get thicker skin but I don’t think it is so much we’re more sensitive or that this is even a bad thing if we are.

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Very Slow Uploading for a few weeks!

Hey everybody.

So we’ve been trying year on year to be better at getting out content quickish and consistently. I think we’ve been OK at it recently even if we do get a week or so behind at times or very behind on one thing but keep kind of up to date on another.

Thing is Anna is our main editor. As the smarty pants of the group and the better writer we rely on her being ready to read, edit and sort out tagging and all sorts for the blog.

Unfortunately Anna is very ill at the moment. Anyone who follows her Diary blogs or Twitter know that she suffers very badly with mental health issues and losing Pete two years ago very much left a gap in her life she has yet to mend. Since then a lot of problems have appeared and she’s done her best to just move on as she always does but sometimes as friends we have to say you can’t do that anymore.

That is what we have decided to do today.

After talking at length about it over night and in the brief moments we could talk to Anna so far today we have come to the conclusion that she shouldn’t force herself or feel anxious about forgetting to do anything on here.

We have a few weekly questions already done and ready to post, we are hoping her love for wrestling and how it tends to help her in the bad times will mean that the Back in Time… Reviews will continue as well as maybe bringing back the DEFIANT blogs and even maybe watching weekly episodes of RAW and Smackdown or NXT/NXT:UK or something. Ghost will definitely be up as soon as she can post a review of it and any anime that she is able to watch with Lucius will be reviewed though we apologise if the quality isn’t the same as usual… Not that you come to us for quality of course.

Anyone who suffers the same as Anna will know that it is unpredictable. She could wake up tomorrow morning and everything could be OK, it might take days, weeks, months or we might not get back to normal for the rest of the year. We just don’t want her to feel like she has to do anything if she isn’t in the right frame of mind. When her and Lucius did a lot of work on Tuesday she was in a decent place and was happy to be productive but more often then not in the last few weeks she has had no mental strength to even watch TV and pay attention let alone write about anything. Again anyone that knows her knows she’s basically been watching her favourite YouTubers/Twitch Streamers and trying to forget everything.

We do hope that because we never DID get the consistency thing anyway that you might not even notice. Sometimes when she’s in her worst places she’s posted more mental health stuff on here and maybe her finding ways to express herself will mean that we just get more blogs that aren’t our normal anime stuff. We also didn’t just want to go quiet and people think we’d disappeared or something.

So long story short.

We are still here we are just well aware that our ability to write anything or do anything on our own is poor so need Anna who right now needs to heal. We hope to have the majority of our blogs out at some point just this time we’re well aware that they could be postponed for long periods whereas in the past it was more just life getting in the way. If you follow Anna on Twitter send her all the pet photos because she’d appreciate that.

We love you all and hopefully our long rambling, nonsensical posts will be spammed out to you soon!

Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan Season 3 : Thunder Spears

Episode 51

Raisō” (雷槍)

The battle is here, the enemy have shown up and it is time for the Scouts to fight the Beast, Armoured and Colossal Titans to win back Wall Maria.

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Fairy Gone : Black Moon and Lost Child’s Song

Episode 5

Kuroi Tsuki to Mayoigo no Uta” (Japanese黒い月と迷い子の唄)

We can’t really make our mind up whether Marlya is actually having to find Veronica or if Veronica is just there all the time just to show up before we have to listen to too much whining but here Veronica is once more. This time to save the day… And also maybe steal the Tome.

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