Mob Psycho 100 II : Urban Legends ~Encountering Rumours~

Episode 2

The boys were back in a big way last week and now we’re diving into the world of Urban Legends as Reigen looks for a way to feed himself…


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Dororo (2019) : The Story of Bandai

Episode 2

So there is a human that is walking around that is barely human, a kid with a big gob that the show is named after and a power hungry dude who would do anything for more power. How he managed to have two kids with a seemingly lovely with I don’t know but this story is about his first son Hyakkimaru… And the annoying sidekick Dororo.

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Anime Highlights Week 1

We have decided to do a run down every week of bits and pieces from the different anime we watch. A bit like our 5 Things… blog just these don’t have a limit on how many points they have, eventually we are planning on making it into a Podcast but at the moment we just wanted to highlight some of our favourite things on a weekly basis from across the board.

Usually we want to have these out on a Sunday but we had a busy week last week and we still haven’t actually made our minds up on what we are and aren’t watching so these are just a tiny handful of things from the first week of the Winter season from the four shows we’ve watched so far that have stood out.

Week 1 then…. New Anime starts.

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DEFIANT Wrestling : Loaded #6

We are up to date and here with this week’s review of Loaded.

A lot of talking, a lot of story building and a main event we have been waiting with baited breath for. He is here, it is the debut of PAC.

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