Kabukicho Sherlock : Lots of Animals

Episode 18

Dōbutsu takusan desu” (動物たくさんデス)

Are we about to truly see the face of Moriarty?

As he rises in fame is there something behind it all? Specially seeing his father wanted him dead originally.

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Smile Down the Runway : Superiority and Inferiority

Episode 6

Yūetsukan to Rettōkan” (優越感と劣等感)

We have a big competition for Tsumura and it is about time he actually put his talent to good use and come up with something for top model Sara.

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Help us pick the next game!

So as you know Anna currently streams a couple days a week.

She can’t really give a schedule as she works shifts that change and has many other things she has to do during her days but going forward she has kind of a plan.

Currently she is playing a variety of things but her big game is Danganronpa which unfortunately takes a lot of time so therefore can only really be streamed on her days off.

THEREFORE she needs ANOTHER “big” game to play.

Mainly something not super chill like Stardew or fun and quirky like Sam & Max, both games she can come home and play for a few hours with no real commitment. After all she’s bragged about being able to complete most Sam & Max episodes in 2 hours and there are only 15 more to go….

SO we’ve made a list!

You have a week to vote!

Don’t forget as always to follow our Twitch over at https://www.twitch.tv/awerka89

Get voting!

Anime Highlights Week 56

3rd – 9th February 2020

I have scraped the original intro to apologise deeply that this is SO VERY LATE!

If I’m honest I DID NOT TAKE NOTES then I was going to do it at the beginning of the week and STREAMED INSTEAD LIKE A BAD PERSON and then finally I decided to stay up for over 30 hours watching a streamers birthday Subathon Thursday into Friday and wasted all the day before it and all the day after it just being me.

So they are late.

Kinda don’t make sense.

Hope you love them.

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VOD : Sam & Max : Culture Shock ~ A New Murderous Little Buddy

We once again streamed randomly because we’re wonderful at doing this now apparently. So a special stream of Sam & Max was in need!

Sam & Max is a series I’ve really wanted to play on stream since the beginning mainly because it is funny, easy to complete so good for my kind of hectic timing and just something right up my street.

We are MAYBE going live Tuesday with Sam & Max Episode 2 OR some Stardew.

100% doing Danganronpa on Wednesday for a good 6 hours.

So come say hi and give us a follow! https://www.twitch.tv/awerka89

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Somali and the Forest Spirit : Dying Flowers Look Up at the Birds

Episode 6

Ikinone Haru Hana wa Tori wo Aogu” (息の根はる花は鳥を仰ぐ)

This show does everything it can to lull you into a sense of safety before hitting you with something horrible whether it be foreshadowing or something actually bad.

Nothing in the world can be as bad as the situation Somali was in at the end of the last episode.

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The Case Files of Jeweler Richard : Perilous Turquoise

Episode 6

Ayaui Torukoishi” (危ういトルコ石)

This is a hard show to really explain. Whilst the premise of it is simple enough what the show is actually trying to do remains up in the air as every week is a lesson for one character not to care too much about anyone because he just cares too much full stop whilst also having really random and usually quite pointless stories involving customers who have no real need to be there.

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