Ousama Game (King’s Game) : Revolt (Counter/Oppress)

Episode 6

“Hangyaku” (反虐)

Finally having caught up, because this is the point that I’m caught up even if its out after the next episode airs, we’ve got to episode 6 with absolutely nothing much happening in the present since episode 1, not even seeing what was going on in the present in episode 5 and me actually really hoping we don’t go back to the present any time soon.

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One Piece : It’s Brulee!

Chapter 885

It isn’t looking good for Luffy whilst the coast is actually clear for the others to have their plans go well. Big Mom is also distracted, which seems to be easily done in one of her moods, so it looks like it’ll all go well for those outside of the mirror world.

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Ousama Game (King’s Game) : Wail (Karma/Tears)

Episode 5

“Gōkyū” (業泣)

I honestly feel the last episode was meant to be some horrid joke. I’ll never get over the fact that Nami went blind and was able to do things that I can’t do being able to see perfectly fine, or understand what it is that girls find so attractive about paranoid and shitty person Kanazawa Nobuaki.

Whatever he has going for him he’s survived one game and trying to figure out the origins of it now with two people probably marked by psychopath Natsuko who we didn’t even see in the last episode but by now probably has raped poor little would be rapist, if Natsuko didn’t have bigger balls then him, Teruaki.

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Alice to Zouroku : Something Not Human

Episode 4

“Hitodenai Mono” (人でないモノ)

OK so everything went to shit as we already know on here but I did love this anime and I shall be finishing it just… A tad on the late side. I’m not even watching the first three episodes again. I remember grumpy old man, pigs and crazy. The rest will come back to me.

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One Piece : Who

Chapter 884

So Dogtooth actually has dog teeth… Actually he doesn’t even have dog teeth, my dogs teeth are nicer then the gnashers on that man, its more like some spikey toothed shark.

Luffy has seen them though and he ain’t happy.

Dogtooth that is not Luffy. Luffy is unhappy he had to eat Mochi.

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