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Busy end to week…

I don’t know about the other guys but I’ve had a really busy end to the week. I’ve had a bad headache since last Monday, can’t concentrate on anything and have been working since Friday.

Unfortunately this means last weeks diary as well as the Walking Dead review are going to be put off till tomorrow. At worst they both will be done on Thursday! Which just so happens to be my next day off.

This week I also might miss the Sam and Max review as I haven’t finished playing the last episode and don’t think I’ll get around to it, but I might have something Minecraft-y as someone at work has brought Minecraft and its made me want to do something on there. I did start a project tonight but because I didn’t think it out right it all went wrong I just deleted it and now its too late to start anything else as I’m tired.

I apologise for being terribly late with everything but I’m ill and over worked.

Finally a plan

Me and Anna have spent most of last week trying to work out what we’ll do with the anime reviews. We think we’ve sorted out a half decent plan.

I have chosen to review Death Parade and Ansatsu Kyoushitsu as well as starting a review from the very beginning of Tokyo Ghoul and finishing the Garo Honoo no Kokuin blogs.

Anna will finish her Kiseiju : Sei no Kakuritsu reviews as well as Denkai-ga no Honya-san. Β From this season she’ll be blogging reviews on Yuri kuma Arashi, its the only “new” blog she will be doing but she’s promised to finish Bakaramon as well as during the year one by one doing review blogs on Space Dandy, Hoozuki no Reitetsu, Nisekoi and Pupipo! All animes she started reviewing on her personal blog before she joined this one and all series she’s only really seen half of.

So from this week we’ll try and have reviews of :

Death Parade (Luc)
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Luc)
Yuri kuma Arashi (Anna)

Coming at you weekly.

We’ll also finish off reviewing :

Kiseiju sei no Kakuritsu (Anna)
Denki-ga no Honya-san (Anna)
Garo Honoo no Kokuin (Luc)

And starting at some point (maybe not till March) we’ll have catch up series :

Space Dandy series 1 and 2 (Anna)
Tokyo Ghoul (Luc) – this one possibly will start before March
Bakaramon (Anna) – again this one will probably be done pretty fast as she’s nearly finished it
Attack on Titan (Luc)
Hooozuki no Reitetsu (Anna)
Noragami (Luc)
Nisekoi (Anna)
Pupipo! (Anna) – and this will be less of a weekly review and more of a full review of the series

It isn’t much of a plan but its the start. We are already doing as much research as we can on what is planned for Spring to make sure we work as hard as we can to start the season on time and at least watch the first episode of 90% of what comes out.

The only other thing we have to say about it is that at some point this year (possibly around May and her birthday) Anna will be once again attempting to review the whole of Penguindrum. If you didn’t follow her personal blog “back in the day” you won’t understand the stupidity of it, its one of her favourite series and she’s never seen the end to it for some strange reason.

Going forward into 2015

We had a half decent end to the year, actually getting our stuff together on time. 2015 is the year we are hoping to change our laziness and actually follow through with what we wanted to do with this blog.

2014 saw us start up some of our projects and so forth that we started the blog for, we didn’t just want to be a blog reviewing different things we also wanted to talk about the problems we face in life (most of us suffer from server anxiety, are bipolar or have other either mental disorders or physical problems) as well as showcase our tiny talents in writing, photography and other artistic means.

Unfortunately 2014 was a tiny bit of a nightmare for all of us. Even when things looked like they were on a up we ended up crashing and burning. The end of 2014 saw lots of tears and emotional outbreaks from some of us and the more sensitive of us giving up completely on ever finding a way out of this mess that we call our lives.

We are but a small group and we’ve pulled together as much as we can in the last few weeks to make sure that everyone is looking at 2015 with new eyes.

You might have heard from us a lot last year “we had such great plans but…” well that isn’t going to happen this year. We are all survivors of hard times on this blog and this year we’ll be fighting harder then ever and it starts right here right now!

Below I’ll tell you some of the things we have been talking about doing, if there is anything that you want to say about it then just let us know.

Thank you for everyone who put up with us in 2014 and heres looking for a better 2015!

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Christmas Advent

This year Believe in Geek have decided to get into the Christmas spirit. Like our Halloween event it’ll be a countdown to Christmas, this time not made up at the last minute and disorganized.

We plan on bringing you book reviews, music and random thoughts and traditions all leading up to Christmas.

If you don’t like Christmas we’ll have plenty Christmas themed but not quite Christmas blogs as well.

So in between our normal blogging duties please enjoy our Christmas Advent Countdown.

The Great Geek Problem Solver

We have been toying with the idea of a Agony Aunt for a while, and now I have been put in charge of filling that gap.

My name is The Problem Solver (well until a better name crops up) and I am here to answer all of your woes. Whether they be real life woes or whimsical woes no matter what the question I will answer it to the best of my abilities.

If you have any type of question you want to ask me send it to Believe in Geeks new e-mail :

I will post a new question/answer every Tuesday/Thursday permitting we get any.

As I said they can be real life questions, random ramblings you want me to comment on or else made up fictional questions. I’ll answer just about anything.

So get writing!

Page coming back to date :

Unfortunately because of personal reasons blogs haven’t been posted in the last week or so. Awerka became ill so didn’t get a chance to finish the countdown to the Doctors, a load of blogs we’d been working on never got finished, we have a load of World of Tanks blogs that need to be read through before posting and other features that we were going to start never picked up because people were busy/ill.

This has also effected personal blogs and the forum.

We are hoping to bring it all back up to date, Awerka is in the middle of writing up the last two posts to our Doctors countdown, we’ll get the World of Tanks blogs sorted for next week and Awerka will have her Minecraft blogs up.

We apologise for the shortage of blogs.

Oh and the last note is that Lucius stopped watching Strictly and that is why the blogs stopped on that, he just never bothered to put a post up saying he’d stopped watching.