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My Life as a Playlist Week 23

First off the Kimmy Schimdt review was MEANT to be out yesterday but I pressed the wrong button and saved it as a draft instead of scheduling it. I will get that out sometime don’t you worry about it (I want to double check just in case I saved it as a draft for a reason.)

Second off this week has been a little tiring for me. I spent a lot of it in pain and with my sister so there isn’t really much to talk about. So yeah another one of those weeks.

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My Life as a Playlist Week 22

So I promised to get my shit together and do some stuff this week then life happened and I semi-edited one blog before passing it off for another day and then dying slowly.

I can’t make ANY promises this week as I’m working a ton and just have 0 motivation but… BUT! The STREAK is not going anywhere so the Playlist is set.


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My Life As a Playlist Week 21

This week has been the least productive week in a while mainly because it was the first week in a long time that I had to do a lot of overtime so was just busy and didn’t get around to editing anything. I have a few days off now before back to work so hopefully I’ll update everything.

Till then I have a bit of a mixed up one, partly life related and partly cop out choices.

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My Life as a Playlist Week 20

This might be incomplete, this might be a big pile of crap. Truth is today is my birthday, I’ve spent most of the day out with my family and now getting ready to go out with work friends and Aaron bowling. I have a very small window to write this and its been quite the dramatic week but I just don’t have time to figure out what songs would fit it so… I’m gonna try hard. And fast. It’ll fail no doubt.

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My Life as a Playlist Week 15

So this is a strange one. As you might guess I’m a little bit all over the place this week, its the last full week before my operation so depression has set in, I posted the Diary post that showed that I’d done something good to move forward with my life and regretted it every second after…

I’m just a little lost right now so I don’t think I can put into words my week.

SOOOOOOO last week I tried something different. This week I’ve just picked four songs and I’m gonna post the lyrics that speak to me without any commentary because… I physically can’t even begin to explain the pain I’m in without starting to ramble about being in love with a man who is indifferent to my existence, fearing I’m going to die on Thursday and just generally not really wanting to be alive anymore at the same time.

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My Life as a Playlist Week 14

So I’m gearing up for seven hours of Wrestlemania by watching South Park and can’t really remember much about this week. That sounds awful I know but I’m having a bit of a panic about my operation and stuff and this week has kind of just blurred into one long thing soooo….

For fun I thought seeing I’ve discovered Spotify I’d pick a random playlist and the first 4 songs, though I’ll give myself ONE skip but I have to say what song I’m skipping, and try to fit the song somehow into explaining something I DO remember from my week.

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