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Define Worth ~ The Sweet Message Left Behind The After School Dice Club

Anime is a beautiful thing.

Whilst some can be the stereotypical women with giant breasts, creepy monsters doing creepy things and random Japanese craziness so many get overlooked that have simple yet lovely messages to share.

One such anime is the wonderful After School Dice Club, a show that came out Fall 2019 that focused on the lives of four girls who just loved Table Top Gaming.

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Trolley Problem vs Survival Lottery

We always love a moral quandary and Babylon gave us a good moral debate at least once.

Possibly only once though there are a few different problems that I have random ideas for blogs on coming up so look forward to that mess.

Starting off though in the penultimate episode it actually had a good debate over what is good and what is bad and came up with the argument of the Trolley Problem (save the many over the one in a accident) over Survival Lottery (save the many over the one on purpose.)

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The Hunger Games Prequel – Is Giving Snow a Story Really a Bad Thing?!

I haven’t really looked at the news of a possible prequel to one of my favourite series of books yet but it was in the news the other day with the tag line that people were unhappy that Snow would be the focus because they didn’t want him to be humanized.

It left me wondering.

Isn’t it more dangerous to present a villain like Snow without telling us why he is the way he is?

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Most people will know what this means.

At some point in your life there is probably a book or game series that you love that got the big screen or smaller screen treatment. You ignore that gut feeling that it won’t be what you expect and end up leaving pretty disappointed.

Some of them work. They might not be the best but they don’t suck either, some are magnificent in their own way so that the cut content and usually added new content doesn’t bother you and others…

Others suck balls.

I find myself in a funny position where I, a Discworld fan, have finally found the one thing that I cannot help but be upset with.

Being told that it is INSPIRED by the books and not BASED on them isn’t helping either!

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The problem with choices matter video games

I’m a huge fan of the whole “your choices matter” games but more often then not you see people complaining that actually… Your choices don’t really matter.

Sometimes what they mean is basically they wanted a scene to go one way and it just couldn’t no matter what we want and other times maybe they just don’t see what changes they are enacting along the way.

So can we ever get a choices matter game that actually makes everyone happy (bar obviously the plot being perfect because no one will ever agree on stories…)

WARNING : There are minor spoilers for Life is Strange 1, 2 and BtS as well as Game of Thrones below. They were basically the three games I remember well enough to comment on but also to make my point I had to give a few plot details away.

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Max vs Sean : The ability to bond with your main character…

Life is Strange has given us two very different main characters with extremely different lives, motivations and beliefs. Both are teenagers but that is pretty much where the similarities end, both have their fans and detractors but personally I believe Dontnod have created two wonderful characters that deserve more then to be at war with each other all the time.

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Let’s Talk… Boxer the Horse

So if you haven’t ever read it Boxer is the horse from George Orwell’s novel “Animal Farm”, it is a satirical piece looking at Stalinism and how it just doesn’t work because there is always someone who will be in charge and will take advantage of those below them.

Whilst I’d always heard about the book and the message people tend to talk a lot about the pigs and the underlying message. I personally want to look at the real hero in my opinion of the entire story and that is Boxer the Horse.

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Slytherin = Evil?

One of the things I love most about Harry Potter, as you can maybe tell, is the fact that there is so much you can debate about the series even years after the final book was published.

A topic close to my heart, even though I am a Ravenclaw, is the sad story of Slytherin.

The house that is, not Salazar Slytherin.

(This ended up being a lot longer and rambling then I meant it to be. I was reading a lot of Slytherin based discussions on Reddit and it just was a lot of different opinions about Slytherin that came to my mind. This post probably makes 0 sense but it ended up being 3000 words long and I felt I owed it to myself to post it instead of just delete it. I worked hard on it for about 3 hours people.)

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