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Weekend Update!

I do intend to write something every few days during the Lockdown and here we are!

There isn’t much new to report here, I’m back to work on Monday and even have a special letter saying that I’m a essential worker which is a weird thing seeing that most people think that retail workers are below them. My throat is still shot, my nerve damage is playing up and my depression and anxiety are not doing well.


Thanks to my favourite streamers and their communities I’m doing OK. Most of them have been streaming every day, there has been a lot of chilling with Animal Crossing and Disney+ has given me every series of Simpsons to binge.

Whilst my doctor and therapist don’t want me to go back to work and I’ve just given up on trying to sort out everything that they and my managers want me to sort out I’m looking forward to working because I realised that in two weeks I’ve barely been outside, barely seen anyone and maybe need to actually maybe go back for my own mental health reasons.

My favorite streamer streams from 8pm-5am UK time seeing he’s West Coast USA so I need to stop staying up watching him and get back to actually living in UK time as much as it’ll hurt not being active in that community though at the same time it’ll be good to be social IRL instead of just over the computer.

So how about you guys?

Who is making sure to go out for their hour exercise? Have you started doing something you’ve put off because of working usually? Are you working from home and life is basically the same as always just the scenery has changed? Anyone binge anything interesting?

Are you doing one thing a day to make you happy? If you are coped up with other people are you making sure to have a little bit of time to yourself every day?

Keep your spirits up and I hope you all are well!

Define Worth ~ The Sweet Message Left Behind The After School Dice Club

Anime is a beautiful thing.

Whilst some can be the stereotypical women with giant breasts, creepy monsters doing creepy things and random Japanese craziness so many get overlooked that have simple yet lovely messages to share.

One such anime is the wonderful After School Dice Club, a show that came out Fall 2019 that focused on the lives of four girls who just loved Table Top Gaming.

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Help us pick the next game!

So as you know Anna currently streams a couple days a week.

She can’t really give a schedule as she works shifts that change and has many other things she has to do during her days but going forward she has kind of a plan.

Currently she is playing a variety of things but her big game is Danganronpa which unfortunately takes a lot of time so therefore can only really be streamed on her days off.

THEREFORE she needs ANOTHER “big” game to play.

Mainly something not super chill like Stardew or fun and quirky like Sam & Max, both games she can come home and play for a few hours with no real commitment. After all she’s bragged about being able to complete most Sam & Max episodes in 2 hours and there are only 15 more to go….

SO we’ve made a list!

You have a week to vote!

Don’t forget as always to follow our Twitch over at

Get voting!

Trolley Problem vs Survival Lottery

We always love a moral quandary and Babylon gave us a good moral debate at least once.

Possibly only once though there are a few different problems that I have random ideas for blogs on coming up so look forward to that mess.

Starting off though in the penultimate episode it actually had a good debate over what is good and what is bad and came up with the argument of the Trolley Problem (save the many over the one in a accident) over Survival Lottery (save the many over the one on purpose.)

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The Hunger Games Prequel – Is Giving Snow a Story Really a Bad Thing?!

I haven’t really looked at the news of a possible prequel to one of my favourite series of books yet but it was in the news the other day with the tag line that people were unhappy that Snow would be the focus because they didn’t want him to be humanized.

It left me wondering.

Isn’t it more dangerous to present a villain like Snow without telling us why he is the way he is?

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In/Spectre // Kyoko Suiri : Idol Dies by Steel Beam

Episode 4

Aidoru wa tekkotsu ni shisu” (アイドルは鉄骨に死す)

It seems we’ve come to the middle bit of a important story.

Not that of the Idol that died via Steel Beam but that of how three individual’s are gonna maybe become some sort of trio. Maybe unfortunately a love triangle of some sort?

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Most people will know what this means.

At some point in your life there is probably a book or game series that you love that got the big screen or smaller screen treatment. You ignore that gut feeling that it won’t be what you expect and end up leaving pretty disappointed.

Some of them work. They might not be the best but they don’t suck either, some are magnificent in their own way so that the cut content and usually added new content doesn’t bother you and others…

Others suck balls.

I find myself in a funny position where I, a Discworld fan, have finally found the one thing that I cannot help but be upset with.

Being told that it is INSPIRED by the books and not BASED on them isn’t helping either!

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Best Of… Diary : Random Things 2019 (Or my adventures on YouTube this year I guess…)

This might seem like a odd one but as you all know I have a lot of problems in my life and struggle daily just to do things that normal people do.

One of the reasons I’m always late with just about everything on here is because I’ve had a depressive episode and just blanked out a whole day which puts me behind and fills me with anxiety going forward that means I put more things off for longer.

That being said 2019 I’ve found myself maybe a little too hooked on YouTube and certain YouTubers whose videos and streams have helped me refocus on bad days and on extremely bad days helped me zone out and move onto a new day.

So here are a few of the channels/people/groups who have made 2019 bearable. It isn’t ranked as none of them are better then the other but the last one is probably the most important one.

Feel free to ignore this one it is more a Diary post then anything else.

Though if you do check it out go and follow all of them because they are all fantastic.

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