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King of the Ring Review 2015

So the King of the Ring is back and we have four men and three matches to look forward too.

Give me King Bad News, the Bloody King.

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RAW Review 4/27/15

The RAW after Extreme Rules we’ll see the fall out of the PPV.

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WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Review

My first PPV review and I probably couldn’t have chosen a more boring looking PPV. No real story lines, no real interesting matches.

The biggest news going into the PPV, which wasn’t really news to anyone, was Daniel Bryan was out of the PPV with the injury he sustained in Europe.

There we go. Now lets go.

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Smackdown Review 4/23/15

It was all go on RAW this week gearing up for Extreme Rules and it carries on into Smackdown this week.

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RAW Review 4/20/15

As I said at the end of last week its very unusual for me to be able to review any of the shows live so sorry that its pretty much a day late.

I also missed reviewing Smackdown. Sorry about that. We’ll try and start over again this week back with Raw.

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PWA:UK 6th Anniversary Show 19th April 2015

I might have said about fifty times now but yesterday (Sunday) I went to see a wrestling show in my home town of Plymouth, England. I haven’t been to any wrestling shows in Plymouth since I was a little kid (I used to go regularly to shows at the Guildhall, met the Bushwackers once!) and I haven’t been to a wrestling show of any kind since my piss poor experience at TNA in 2012.

I would stress the point that funds and no one willing to go with me is why I stopped going to events not the fact that I had a terrible experience at a live show. I mainly went to VPW in Portsmouth and when I found out about PWA no one would venture to Stonehouse with me so I never went. Yesterday it was at the Guildhall so TWO people offered to come with me (OK my mum came because of James Storm but that’s beyond the point.)

EDIT : I’m sorry for adding so many photos… Well I’m not. I took 300 and wanted to bore you to death with them, unfortunately my camera was out of action so they are all blurry iPhone photos! Need to get a compact camera because my camera does not like the indoors not one bit! If they don’t format properly and go weird I apologise as well I’ve spent well over a hour trying to get it all right, I don’t usually like adding so many photos to a blog but felt it was needed.

EDIT EDIT : NAMES HAVE BEEN ADDED! Thanks to Logun Blackmore and Ed for giving me the names in the comments!Β Mr Purple and Mr Blue trunks are no more!

EDIT EDIT EDIT : Even more names have been added thanks to Krieger! Also its come to my attention a lot of people think I’m a guy… I’m actually Agendered/Non-binary (neither male nor female) and actually biologically a female (so most people use female pronouns or else just refer to me vaguely.) Its a bit late now but I like pushing the agender… agenda. As it is.

ALSO : I’d like to thank everyone in the comments and everyone either wrestler or fan at PWA : UK who have commented on the blog elsewhere or shared it. I won’t bore you to death with my problematic exsistence but its nice to see so many nice and friendly people! So thank you for being nice and also thank you for the lovely evening!

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