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SmackDown Review 5/28/15

We’ve closed into Elimination Chamber. One last push to the WWE Network exclusive PPV.

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NXT Review 27/5/15

So with Pete doing the RAW and SmackDown reviews I’ve decided to do the NXT reviews as he doesn’t feel like he has the time to do NXT as well.

Well he is a busy man.

So first up is the NXT after Takeover Unstoppable.

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RAW Review 5/25/15

After a bit of a lackluster SmackDown we are on the last RAW before Elimination Chamber this Sunday.

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SmackDown Review 5/21/15

Tonight Roman Reigns returns after his loss at Payback. We’ll hear what he has to say about being put to the back of the line.

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RAW Review 5/18/15

The fall out of Payback happens tonight.

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WWE Payback 2015 Review

So we reach Payback. I have better feelings for Payback then I did for Extreme Rules.

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Payback 2015 Predictions

With Payback coming up tonight here are my predictions for the night. Matches in no particular order.

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