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Back in Time… RAW 22nd April 1996

Last week we were treated to a pretty wonderful match THIS week, because we have no patience, we got the rematch of that match in the go home show before IYH.

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Something, something AEW

Let me just get started that this isn’t a blog dissing AEW before they’ve even done anything, I’m looking forward to their shows just as much as I look forward to any wrestling show I’m able to watch.

Then again it isn’t a blog going on about how I believe they’ll suddenly shoot up to be the biggest threat to Vince McMahon’s empire either because people say that about just about every other big Indie promotion around at some point.

In fact I don’t think it really is about AEW at all but the fans. It isn’t a dig at them but maybe a question that I wanted answered.

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WrestleMania 35 Predictions

We haven’t done this for a while and whilst we’re going ahead with a look back at wrestling that Pete started before he got ill we thought we’d throw our hat in the ring with some predictions for Mania 35.

Remembering that I pick up what is going on with WWE by following Cultaholic stuff as I just don’t have the time to watch wrestling anymore.

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Back in Time… RAW 1st April 1996

So this series will be a 5 Things… with a little difference to it. I’m going to do my best to go through the Attitude Era and decided to start after the ’96 WrestleMania. It’ll be a weekly thing hopefully, should be fun.

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DEFIANT Wrestling : Loaded #14

So Loaded kind of had a dip but the last few weeks have been pretty good. Some great story telling and it looks like Magnificent Seven is going to be a big turning point for the company which I’m excited for.

Last week started with a fun match, had a decent match then ended with two fantastic matches and this week has some absolute stunners on the card so…

I really can’t wait.

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