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F1 : Bahrain 2018

This was a much more exciting race than Melbourne in my opinion. There was lots more overtaking and tense moments (especially for us vettel fans). This was bound to be a more entertaining race with both Hamilton and verstappen out of their expected position in qualifying, so with all that happened these are my 5 points on this race…

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F1 : Melbourne 2018

The first race of the season is always the most eagerly awaited race due to the months of wait we we have to go through but it has finally happened.

I will be doing my best to do a brief review of all the races this season and it will be a similar format as our 5 Things… blogs. So here is the first race and the main points that I took away from it…

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F1 : Australian Grand Prix 2016

Well Qualifying was a event in some unspeakable way.  I’m not sure the idea of “shaking up the grid” with it really worked all it managed to do was end Qualifying with 3 minutes on the clock still.

Its the race that counts thought.

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F1 : Australian GP Qualifying 2016

So F1 is back.

With it we now have Channel 4 picking up the free to TV deal, half the races live and half in highlight form.

Amanda will be reviewing it again but until she’s back I’ve said I’ll give it a go. She hadn’t done qualifying reviews before and I can’t remember the last time I’ve attempted it so stick with me as I find the best way to review the new qualifying format.

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Jules Bianchi 1989 – 2015

Possibly the saddest news I could ever wake up to was all over social media this morning. After 9 months of fighting for his life the Formula One driver Jules Bianchi has died from the injuries he sustained during his accident.

Anna wanted to write this tribute to him as he was a driver she’s supported for a long time now but is unable to bring herself to write anything so I offered to take her place.

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F1 : Canadian 2015 GP Preview

Race Day : 7th June

Canada is coming after the most controversial race of the year, with Mercedes messing up Lewis Hamilton’s race strategy we see a semi-deflated Lewis coming to the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal needing to make a statement to his team mate.

Drivers Championship Standing Top 5

1 : Lewis HAMILTON
2 : Nico ROSBERG
3 : Sebastian VETTEL
5 : Valtteri BOTTAS

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Monaco F1 Grand Prix 2015

Spain proved to be a extremely boring race but one that brought along a result that COULD potentially change the season.



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Spanish F1 Grand Prix 2015

I apologise that there wasn’t a race preview this week I was absolutely sure I’d done one and as I was away at the beginning of the week and didn’t come back till the end of the week when it was a bit late to write one! Not a mistake I plan on making again!

It feels like a lifetime since the last race though!

We left off with quite a fun race in the desert of Bahrain and another win for Lewis Hamilton.

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Bahrain F1 Grand Prix 2015

Another poor race in China dampened my hopes that the season was just picking up after a poor opener in Australia but a terrific race in Malaysia.

For all the moaning about the “desert” races I wonder what kind of race we’ll get here in Bahrain?

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