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Little Shop of Horros (1986)

I’ll kick off my side of the Halloween season with a musical!

OK so you are never going to be scared of Little Shop of Horrors from the opening singing with a terrified looking cat watching three ladies in matching blue dresses singing in a thunder storm till the end number.

There is no better time then to watch it though then during Halloween. Especially with young’uns who are too young for the Freddies and Jason’s of the world (they magic them into their heads without seeing what adults have done to their nightmares!)

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Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

Kicking off our Halloween season….

Bright colours, bad hair and terrible acting.

What more needs to be said about a horror movie from the 80s?

Saying all that and “Where’s my DOG?! Where is Pooh Bear?!” I loved this film for SOOO many reasons!

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The Monuments Men (2014)

Last night I went to see a film that it won’t surprise people I went to see. I love the time period it is set in (WWII) as well as half the cast (I literally grew up with Bill Murray and John Goodman films and lets not get into Matt Damon!) I saw two distinctive trailers for the film, one that set it up very much as a comedy film and one that gave it a bit of an edge, so going into the film I wasn’t too sure what I was going to expect to see.

(Many spoilers below just so you know….)

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