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So firstly I will apologise, I am behind on the three anime’s we did start on here, and after last weeks One Piece blog we have no more One Piece blogs until I’ve finished reading the next arc or two.

I am NOW up to date with Free and Barakamon, I will be releasing the reviews in the next few days but thought it was more important to get the reviews out of the way and upload screencaps after reviewing them. I am also doing a few more first episode reviews, the one I’ve just finished is DRAMAtical Murder but I’ll do a few more.

Now is the time though that I want to know which anime series you want us to follow. Obviously Free! will be finished because its something I adore, and when next season starts I’ll ask you which series you want me to review or at least do a first impressions blog on.

Right now we want to know if there is any anime series from this season that you want us to catch up with.

BUT ALSO we wanted to know if there was any other one that you wanted us to review on here.

I mean I want to watch Space Dandy 2 but I never finished the first series so I’m going to personally catch up with it, but is it something you’d all be interested in seeing me do on the blog? Kiniro Mosaic is coming back (best news EVER!) I loved series one would you want me to relieve it before the second series? Haiyore Nyaruko-San, Pengiundrum, Karnival and Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka are all anime’s I have watched and enjoyed in the past (do not get me started on Watamote and how it basically described my life and I basically had to sit there rocking backwards and forwards admitting how I did everything just like that… I could relive that for you as well!) and could write about on here. I haven’t even watched things like Attack on Titan or Sword Art Online so if someone wants me to watch that I wouldn’t mind.

We obviously don’t want to explode into a anime blog but we do want to see if there are series out there that people want us to review. So if you have any suggestions just let us know. I like a challenge me!

My One Piece Adventure : Robin, her secrets and a teary goodbye!

It can only be the Water 7 arc! And what a long one it is at that. To the point I’m not FULLY through with it yet.

Never mind. I’m getting there!

So after the Davy Back Fight the Straw Hats meet Aokiji, Vice Admiral of the Marines. He warns them about Robin, beats Luffy and sets us on a heartbreaking exploration of one of our newest members.

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My One Piece Adventure : Skypiea Arc

I’ve been trying to catch up with One Piece for a while now, I’m not doing too badly! At first I tried to review it as I went along which meant it went a lot slower then I really would have hoped for but I have long since given up on that and just got on with reading or watching it.

I’ve just finished the Skypiea arc and though it would be a perfect time to start writing about One Piece on here!

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Free! Eternal Summer : Invincible Prime!

I couldn’t believe how touching the last episode was, to see Nagisa in such a vulnerable state and to see the boys surrounding him and helping him was more then lovely.

Now that he is free to carry on swimming lets see what they are up to this week?

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Free! Eternal Summer : A Resolutions Heads-Up!

Last episode Rin stood up to his Captain duties and took a step forward in making Sousuke understand how he feels.

It was a lovely episode for Rin, something he has had very little of in the first series and something I’ve loved so much this series.

Now back to Iwatobi to see what the fantastic foursome are up to!

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Barakamon : Shiman Ontsandon

“Shiman Ontsandon”
Translation : Island Dads

Handa learnt a very good lesson on when to give up and not to let him get him down last episode. I wonder what he’ll learn this week.

Even though she’s at the forefront of every episode Naru hasn’t had much to do recently so it’ll be interesting to see if she gets some air time. She’s like some guardian angel sent to Handa for the betterment of his health!

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