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Mawaru Penguindrum : The Bell of Fate Tolls

Episode 1

“Unmei no Beru ga Naru” (運命のベルが鳴る)

For anyone that doesn’t know the story here it is. I saw a clip of Penguindrum one of the few times I went to a anime club, fell in love. Went home to find it online and watch it. That was like 4 years ago? I get to about episode 12 and then stop watching it EVERY YEAR SINCE. For no real reason! I love the show else I wouldn’t attempt to marathon it all the time. I just get to that episode and there is like some mental block of going on.

THIS YEAR! We shall Penguindrum like no ones business.

Join me on my Fateful (hehehehe) quest.


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