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Yurikuma Arashi : The Moon Girl and the Forest Girl

“Tsuki no Musume to Mori no Musume” (月の娘と森の娘)

The series that just keeps giving as long as you are true to your love. Another week and another piece of the puzzle is falling into place.

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Tokyo Ghoul : Dove // Supper

“Shirohato” (白鳩)  // “Bansan” (晩餐)
(Season 1, Episode 3 // 4 -Recap-)

The first two episodes, in my opinion, were a bit of a mixed bag. There is still so much to this series then I’ve so much seen.

Lets see if the third and fourth episodes interest me more so then the first two.

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Tokyo Ghoul : Tragedy // Incubation

“Higeki” (悲劇) // “Fuka” (孵化)
(Season 1, Episode 1 // 2 -Recap-)

Tokyo Ghoul is currently one of the most popular anime’s around. The first season totally went past me as I was busy but with the second season already starting we felt it was a anime we needed to review. I’m binge watching season one as season two is pretty far in so what you’ll get from me is two reviews in one and maybe some days that means I’ll be posting four reviews a day. Only for Season 1, season 2 will start like normal when I catch up with season 1.

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Assassination Classroom : Baseball Time

“Yakyū no Jikan” (野球の時間)

If you don’t already know what this anime is about I’d suggest you read my review of episode one. If you have never heard of it before you might want to hear of it.

The first episode showed a way of grinding comedy, personal drama and action together to make one of the most fun and exciting series I think I’m ever going to watch.

So will anyone be able to touch Koro Sensei this week?

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Assassination Classroom : Grown-up Time

“Otona no Jikan” (大人の時間)

For the students of class E (or the End Class) it’ll be just another day of trying to assassinate their teacher. They’ve got a great new member called Karma who seems to match Koro-Sensei’s personality quite well. Other then being overly sadistic.

EDIT : I just realised at the last moment that I posted instead of scheduling the post… Episode 2 and 3s review will be out tomorrow. I apologise for being stupid.

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