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Youjo Senki : The Path to Victory

Episode 10

“Shōri e no michi” (勝利への道) 

They’ve been dropped at the front door of enemy HQ and are getting ready to start the next step in winning the war.

Someone else is about to show up though to stop this party in its tracks.

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ChäoS;Child : Betrayal

Episode 7

Just when you think the murders will end…. Episode 7 happens and leaves you in a puddle of tears.

Trust me, I like gore and I like horrible things but even I broke at this episode.

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ChäoS;Child : Their Resistance

Episode 6

With the pieces of the puzzle fallen into place it feels like the characters have all the corner pieces they need to start actually working this mystery out. From episode 1 its been highly dramatic now they need to figure out how to survive.

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ChäoS;Child : Gigalomanics

Episode 4

I feel like I’m doing a terrible job of reviewing this series but I will continue anyway because that is just the kind of person I am.

So there was a hospital being talked about right?!

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