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One Piece : Meeting

Chapter 858

Well Luffy has decided he’ll go and talk to Bege and see if they can co-exist in a plan to stop Big Mom wiping out the Germa. As I suspected Sanji can’t bring himself to see his family destroyed just because he has feelings and they don’t so its now Luffy’s mission to save them.

But Bege though?

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One Piece : Rook

Chapter 857

Honestly you wouldn’t think that this story could get any more complicated then it already is. With the main group in the Mirror World and Sanji and Luffy back together you’d think this was the start of the fight back…

Little did we know even more schemes are being made as we speak….

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Youjo Senki : The Devil of the Rhine

Episode 1

Rhine no Akuma (ラインの悪魔)

I’m no fan of military anime’s or military anythings if I’m very honest with you but there was something about the pictures I’d seen of Youjo Senki “The Saga of Tanya the Evil” that made me want to watch it.

So watch it I did.

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