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The Promised Neverland : 131045

Episode 2

With such a strong start things can only go south can’t they?

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Bungo Stray Dogs : Bungo Stray Dogs

Episode 16

Bungō Sutorei Doggusu” (文豪ストレイドッグス)

So one show that I loved the first season of and started the second season but never finished is Bungo Stray Dogs. So with a third season on its way I thought we’d get up to date with this one before the third starts, three episodes in we start with Episode 4 of season two (episode 16 altogether) and with the story of Dazai’s past continuing we see the consequences of the explosion that killed the kids that Oda had saved and looked after.

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The Rising of the Shield Hero : The Slave Girl

Episode 2

Dorei no Shōjo” (奴隷の少女)

A rather long yet interesting first episode saw the Shield Hero Naofumi make quite the impact on the new world he is in to protect.

Now thought of as a rapist and turned cynical and angry he is off to buy a slave to fight for him seeing that he is incapable of having a offensive weapon and needs to level up before the next wave appears and he gets himself killed.

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Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka : The Magical Girl Comes Back

Episode 1

Kaette Kita Mahō Shōjo” (帰ってきた魔法少女)

A new Magical Girl horror anime just this time with a military theme to it which is something I tend to stay away from but of course I always like a bit of Magical Girl Horror. So here we are.

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That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime : The Jura Forest Alliance

Episode 15

Jura no Mori Dai Dōmei” (ジュラの森大同盟)

The threat of the Orc Lord has passed. Rimuru has shown his strength to all around and the Ogre’s are now fully happy to follow him forward instead of going their own separate ways.

All that can happen is a Alliance between Rimuru’s village, the other Goblins, the Lizard Men and the Orcs surely?!

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Dororo (2019) : The Story of Bandai

Episode 2

So there is a human that is walking around that is barely human, a kid with a big gob that the show is named after and a power hungry dude who would do anything for more power. How he managed to have two kids with a seemingly lovely with I don’t know but this story is about his first son Hyakkimaru… And the annoying sidekick Dororo.

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Anime Highlights Week 1

We have decided to do a run down every week of bits and pieces from the different anime we watch. A bit like our 5 Things… blog just these don’t have a limit on how many points they have, eventually we are planning on making it into a Podcast but at the moment we just wanted to highlight some of our favourite things on a weekly basis from across the board.

Usually we want to have these out on a Sunday but we had a busy week last week and we still haven’t actually made our minds up on what we are and aren’t watching so these are just a tiny handful of things from the first week of the Winter season from the four shows we’ve watched so far that have stood out.

Week 1 then…. New Anime starts.

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