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Anime Highlights Week 40

7th – 13th October 2019

The new shows are pretty much all started now and we’re pretty much up to date so what is in store with all the new shows?

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Fairy Gone 2 : Wheel-Stopping Castle

Episode 14

Haguruma ga Tomaru Shiro” (歯車がとまる城)

Veronica’s need to kill Ray Dawn has now been explained in perfect detail and she is on her way to do that whilst Maryla still is working to get him to his destination safe.

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Vinland Saga : The Light of Dawn

Episode 14

Gyōkō” (暁光)

Everything has kind of changed for Thorfinn and the gang he kind of has thrown himself in with. Beforehand they were just in it for the money and going around enjoying themselves, now they are escorting the Prince of Denmark hoping beyond hope that by helping him Askeladd can help his home of Wales.

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Parasyte ~ The Maxim : Heart

Episode 12

Kokoro” (こころ)

I have a whole bunch of feelings about the show. My favourite thing so far is the growth of Shinichi and seeing him slowly turn slightly less human but there have been some weird moments that I can’t get my head over like Satomi.

The world is changing though and the Parasyte’s seem to be much more dangerous.

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Kabukicho Sherlock : Hello Detectives

Episode 1

Hajimemashite tantei shokun” (はじめまして探偵諸君)

I am here with the final show we’re reviewing this season that being Kabukicho Sherlock a mystery, comedy, fantasy show.

Boy am I looking forward to this one.

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No Guns Life : Renegade Extended

Episode 1

Bōsō kakuchōsha” (暴走拡張者)

I honestly wish there was a camera in front of me to catch the reaction when I put this on. I was told not to read anything about it and just start watching it.

My face a few seconds in and my face by the end were completely different and I’m here to tell you why I think I’m in love with this show.

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