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GLOW : Keep Ridin

Episode 8

It’s the 50th show in Vegas which, with one of the best opening scenes the show has ever done, suddenly turns into the 200th and we are ready for more laughs, tears and probably no where near enough wrestling.

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Dr Stone : Where Two Million Years Have Gone

Episode 7

Ni-hyaku-man-nen no Arika” (200万年の在処)

Suddenly the world has been expanded so much with Senku coming face to face with someone who was born in the Stone World.

Enter Kohaku and now a entire village of people who have no memory of the world before it was turned to Stone.

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Astra Lost in Space : Star of Hope

Episode 4

I spent most of the last review trying to get my head around just who might be the one that had forced them into this position but if I’m honest I’m clueless.

Whilst I think there are obvious people that might have done this I think there are too many that are obvious and I just really want it to be Aries because she annoys me so much.

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GLOW : Outward Bound

Episode 6

With the bombshell of GLOW staying at the Fan-Tan for another 9 months it is time for the girls to get out and spend some time together in the wilderness.

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GLOW : Freaky Tuesday

Episode 5

In a episode that reminds me I should never worry too much about where stories are going we get a bit of a spotlight on the fantastically wonderful Kia Stevens who if I haven’t told you a few hundred times before was a hero of mine in wrestling for many years.

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