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Life Is Strange Before The Storm : Brave New World (3 Hours Played)

It has taken me a while since the second episode was released to find the time to play it but following on the story of Chloe and Rachel has been something I’ve been dying to do so here we went…

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Life is Strange Before the Storm : Awake

Life is Strange is back taking us back to a time before Chloe Price had electric blue hair, Rachel Amber was a face on a Missing People’s poster and Max Claulfield made her return to Arcadia Bay and found out she could mess with time.

Max is little more then a name in a diary as you play with Chloe struggling to deal with life. In a very different way… Life is Strange.

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Another Brick in the Mall (7 Hours Played)

Everyone who ever gets to know me knows that I love these types of game. Grew up with Theme Park and all that, love building just about anything and having the fun of having to micro-manage it and bring it all together.

I was looking at what offers came up this week when I got home last night and just the name “Another Brick in the Mall” fascinated me, when I saw that it was a build your own mall game I brought it right away for £7.99 and then today, my day off of working in a supermarket I might add, I jumped straight into the game and was very happy with the results.

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Thimbleweed Park (12 Hours Played)

If like me you grew up with adventure games you’ll remember the wonderful time you had trying to figure out puzzles by clicking on every single clickable pieces of art work, trying to pick everything up and then combine them to make the most ridiculous things ever. You probably ended up very good at puzzles only because you learnt not to bother looking at things so literally all the time.

Sometimes when a sign tells you that you can’t do something its best just to take the sign and do it anyway.

Thimbleweed Park from beginning to end is a throwback to all the great adventure games of your lost youth (or just past I guess.)

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Angels with Scaly Wings (5 Hours Played)

Probably one of the most engaging Visual Novels I’ve ever played, Angels with Scaly Wings is a drama, mystery and dating sim all rolled into one and feature a world inhabited by intelligent, talking Dragons who you have to befriend, fall in love with and help solve the mysteries that jump up at you as you play.

My 5 hours of game play was one play through which after finishing the game turns out to be the bare minimum I could possibly have achieved. Well…. To be fair I didn’t achieve anything other then a bad ending and having to restart all over again…

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