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Discussion 26 : The Great Neighbour Debate

So during May we were discussing our thoughts on our neighborhoods. No we weren’t gossiping about our actual neighbours (well most of us didn’t!) or talking about the Australian Soap Neighbours.

The main question we were asking was whether or not we knew our neighbours and the wider question of would we know enough about them to be able to spot warning signs (signs of abuse, signs of things going badly, signs of even people breaking in) and whether or not after noticing these signs whether we’d do anything about it.

You can see the discussion in full @GeekMind Debate/Discussion Thread.

What did we conclude?

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The great neighbours debate

No we don’t mean the Australian Soap!

We’ve started to work on the discussion/debate thread again and this months discussion is on neighbours.

The discussion @GeekMind Forum has already started (slowly) so we thought we’d open it up to you guys.

Do you get on with your neighbours? Could you name each of them?

If you overheard an argument or thought someone was being hurt would you feel right phoning police to intervene or is it none of our business what happens next door?

Or do you just want to gossip about your neighbours like Anna did? Either way join in the discussion here or on the forum!

GeekMind Forum

So just a plug for our forum at .

The forum is where this all started and where we are gathering our opinions on posts to make on here. We are just a small community, we’ve had people come and go on the forum over the year we’ve been open and we are always looking for new friends.

What can you expect on there?

Well a little bit of everything! In the last year we’ve had a few games up and running (Pokémon ABC, making a story amongst us all, Quiz Night…) talked every episode of Doctor Who to death and back, reviewed many movies and gossiped about trailers and just chilled out!

Of course one of the big reasons for making this page is to bring people in on our discussions, things we’ve been doing over there will be posted on here and hopefully people that find us on here will go over there and check us out, we really are a nice bunch of people and would love to have any new amount of friends to talk to over there about everything and anything.

So why not check us out and get in on the discussion?

GeekMind takes to the blogverse!

Well we’ve had many cool ideas on what we want to do to expand past our little forum, and this is the first step! Blogging!

We will have many cool and exciting things from Anna’s reviews, Rick giving out advice and Pete telling us how wonderful England is (apparently, how does he know, silly American!)

Get ready for the GeekMind experience…….

Good luck.