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Growing up I was a closet Geek, now I'm out and proud! I have my likes and my dislikes but I don't let a dislike cloud an opinion. I'll give everything a go and will sit and be tortured through a lot of mundane things. Right at this moment I'm really into the whole Doctor Who / Sherlock / Hunger Games thing. Now if only a cross over were to happen.....

FIFA 2014 World Cup : Day Three Round Up

Day Three saw one of the most anticipated games of the first round, England v Italy. We also had a shocking result (apparently as I have no idea how good Uruguay or Costa Rica are!)

So how did the tables work out?

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FIFA 2014 World Cup : England v Italy

So my second live blog of the tournament. We have ITV’s underdog England v Andrea Pirlo (or Italy… But mainly Pirlo.)

I don’t have to pick sides as I do love Italy, so yes the blog will be Italy biased.

This is actually the first match I’m looking forward to in the first round of matches. Mainly because I love Italy (the only other team I love as much is Germany) and because it gives me a real excuse for being up late tomorrow!

So yes… Lets go Italy!!!

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FIFA 2014 : Day Two Round Up

So I didn’t get a chance to watch the big games yesterday (Spain v Netherlands would have been the one I would have live blogged but I ended up doing something whilst watching the game!) but I should be live blogging the only game that matters today (England v Italy).

But before that we need a round up!

It also includes the one game we’ve had so far today so don’t look further if you haven’t seen it!

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FIFA 2014 World Cup : Brazil v Croatia Opening Game

So the opening game of the World Cup see’s host nation and footballing giants Brazil against Croatia.

For this game I will be taking on the role of Brazil supporter, I’d love to see the home nation do well in the first game.

So we were off to Sao Paolo!

And of course don’t read on if you don’t want to know results…. Please don’t make me write that at the beginning of any blog I do!

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FIFA 2014 World Cup

I will be attempting to write blogs on the World Cup during the whole tournament, obviously I can’t see every game and I won’t even be able to see all the games I probably could see but I’ll try and have a blog up to highlight what is happening in each group and to track the GeekMind teams picks for the cup!

I say picks I mean mainly the teams we all support.

These teams….. Amazingly aren’t England! Seeing three quarters of us are English! The teams we are following will be Italy, Australia, Germany and the United States. We’ll obviously keep a close eye on all the big name teams as well and the host nation Brazil.

I’m writing this blog just before the first match (Brazil v Croatia) mainly for a friendly warning.

Yes sports are competitive and we like a bit of banter but we are not going to allow anyone to start flaming fans of other teams. Be proud of your nation and never laugh or scoff at the attempt of any team. Whether you like their team or not unless there is some big controversy we just want this to be a fun look at the first World Cup the forum and blog have been.

We just want a nice and friendly atmosphere on the blog in general and if you are getting involved we’d love to know your team and whether there is a reason you support them.

I will be blogging about Brazil v Croatia, I believe Anna might be blogging about England v Italy on Saturday (if not then I will be) I might even be awake early enough to see Australia v Chile tomorrow! The games are nice and late but maybe not nice if you have to get up early in the morning!

So yes! Less then half an hour to go!!

Discussion 26 : The Great Neighbour Debate

So during May we were discussing our thoughts on our neighborhoods. No we weren’t gossiping about our actual neighbours (well most of us didn’t!) or talking about the Australian Soap Neighbours.

The main question we were asking was whether or not we knew our neighbours and the wider question of would we know enough about them to be able to spot warning signs (signs of abuse, signs of things going badly, signs of even people breaking in) and whether or not after noticing these signs whether we’d do anything about it.

You can see the discussion in full @GeekMind Debate/Discussion Thread.

What did we conclude?

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The great neighbours debate

No we don’t mean the Australian Soap!

We’ve started to work on the discussion/debate thread again and this months discussion is on neighbours.

The discussion @GeekMind Forum has already started (slowly) so we thought we’d open it up to you guys.

Do you get on with your neighbours? Could you name each of them?

If you overheard an argument or thought someone was being hurt would you feel right phoning police to intervene or is it none of our business what happens next door?

Or do you just want to gossip about your neighbours like Anna did? Either way join in the discussion here or on the forum!