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Growing up I was a closet Geek, now I'm out and proud! I have my likes and my dislikes but I don't let a dislike cloud an opinion. I'll give everything a go and will sit and be tortured through a lot of mundane things. Right at this moment I'm really into the whole Doctor Who / Sherlock / Hunger Games thing. Now if only a cross over were to happen.....

Streaming now!

Hey guys!

Just to let you know that Anna is streaming right now, they are 4, count it FOUR, followers away from 50. If any of you out there want to go and drop her a follow or hang with her for the next few hours please feel free!

It would mean a whole lot to her if we can push her up past 50 today! So please give it a thought.

Inside No. 9 : The Stakeout

Episode 6

We hit the finale finally!

This season has been better then every other and we end on a chilling final note when we just chill on a stakeout with two police officers in Car No.9. What mysteries wait for them in Stakeout?

Of course spoilers ahead!

EDIT : Amanda got this review done in plenty good time, it is totally my fault this review is so late. I apologise to Amanda and to everyone ~ Anna 

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Inside No. 9 : Thinking Out Loud

Episode 5

Death Be Not Proud might be my favourite episode for reasons that can never be produced again in the series but I think we have yet another Masterpiece on our hands.

Pretty much the whole review is going to be a spoiler so if you want to know if it is worth watching.

It is a Masterpiece.

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Doctor Who : The Timeless Children

Episode 10

We made it to the finale with some wonderful highs, a few slight lows but one hell of a Master who is back with his final plan to bring down the Doctor in what has been a action packed Series 12.

Time for Jodie Whittaker and Sacha Dhawan to shine as the two squabbling Time Lords.

Or maybe not.

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Doctor Who : Ascension of the Cybermen

Episode 9

We are at the penultimate episode and after giving the Lone Cyberman what he wanted even after the warnings of Captain Jack we are seeing the end of the Cyber wars and what it did to Earth.

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Inside No. 9 : Love’s Great Adventure

Episode 3

After what probably will be the finest episode of Inside No. 9 last week we are back to something much more emotionally charged.

Possibly one of the most heart warming yet terribly sad stories since The 12 Days of Christine.

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Doctor Who : The Haunting of Villa Diodati

Episode 8

We travel to visit Mary Shelley before she has had a chance to write Frankenstein, there is something fishy going on and she needs the Doctor to help her out.

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Help us pick the next game!

So as you know Anna currently streams a couple days a week.

She can’t really give a schedule as she works shifts that change and has many other things she has to do during her days but going forward she has kind of a plan.

Currently she is playing a variety of things but her big game is Danganronpa which unfortunately takes a lot of time so therefore can only really be streamed on her days off.

THEREFORE she needs ANOTHER “big” game to play.

Mainly something not super chill like Stardew or fun and quirky like Sam & Max, both games she can come home and play for a few hours with no real commitment. After all she’s bragged about being able to complete most Sam & Max episodes in 2 hours and there are only 15 more to go….

SO we’ve made a list!

You have a week to vote!

Don’t forget as always to follow our Twitch over at

Get voting!