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Growing up I was a closet Geek, now I'm out and proud! I have my likes and my dislikes but I don't let a dislike cloud an opinion. I'll give everything a go and will sit and be tortured through a lot of mundane things. Right at this moment I'm really into the whole Doctor Who / Sherlock / Hunger Games thing. Now if only a cross over were to happen.....

Help us pick the next game!

So as you know Anna currently streams a couple days a week.

She can’t really give a schedule as she works shifts that change and has many other things she has to do during her days but going forward she has kind of a plan.

Currently she is playing a variety of things but her big game is Danganronpa which unfortunately takes a lot of time so therefore can only really be streamed on her days off.

THEREFORE she needs ANOTHER “big” game to play.

Mainly something not super chill like Stardew or fun and quirky like Sam & Max, both games she can come home and play for a few hours with no real commitment. After all she’s bragged about being able to complete most Sam & Max episodes in 2 hours and there are only 15 more to go….

SO we’ve made a list!

You have a week to vote!

Don’t forget as always to follow our Twitch over at

Get voting!

Horse Girl (2020)

Netflix has some gems on it and Horse Girl is one of those films that you stubble upon by complete accident and end up amazed you haven’t heard about it before you found it.

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Doctor Who : Can You Hear Me?

Episode 7

This series feels like it has flown by but now we’re nearing the end and it is time for literal nightmares to be let loose.

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Inside No 9 : The Referee’s a W***er

Episode 1

Inside No. 9 is back with their fifth season. If you don’t know what this show is then buckle up for the ride of your life. Don’t worry if you have never seen a single episode before either as every episode is its own unique experience that starts and ends in that single episode.

So hop on bored for the Referee’s a W***ker!

As always it is hard to talk about this show without spoiling the end a littleΒ  so spoilers ahead!

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Twitch Update!

So following a prolonged break from Twitch Streaming due to reasons Anna will be back for a few hours this week on Twitch in the afternoon (UK Time) to play a bit more Danganronpa and maybe even Stardew Valley.

We will hopefully remember to Tweet out links to this when it happens, because boy will Anna not want to, so why not go over to the Twitch page and give her a follow.

She’s Awerka89 over there :Β

ALSO be patient with how crap it looks right now. All of Anna’s stuff to make any kind of graphic is on her old laptop which she currently doesn’t have access to. As soon as she does she’ll make a few new graphics for Twitch though she’s not good and it is all old stuff.

So get up on her back about it because she needs to start doing it at least twice a week and hopefully we’ll let you know and see some of you in the chat!

Doctor Who : Praxeus

Episode 6

Away from the noise and craziness of last week, and all those damn returns, we have a much more scary threat then even angry Judoon this week as the Doctor and co have to fight Praxeus.

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