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Growing up I was a closet Geek, now I'm out and proud! I have my likes and my dislikes but I don't let a dislike cloud an opinion. I'll give everything a go and will sit and be tortured through a lot of mundane things. Right at this moment I'm really into the whole Doctor Who / Sherlock / Hunger Games thing. Now if only a cross over were to happen.....

Dark Money Episode 2

Isaac didn’t want anyone to know about what happened to him in Hollywood and yet here we are after the parents have brought it up to the point that Jotham Starr’s lawyers offered them money to sign a NDA.

Have they really helped Isaac though?

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Dark Money Episode 1

BBC’s drama about a young boy who went to Hollywood to film a movie but came back after being abused by the producer of the film.

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Chernobyl : Vichnaya Pamyat

With the events now over and the clean up still ongoing, Legasov has lied to the IAEA in Vienna but he still has a chance to tell the truth at a trial put on to punish Dyatlov, Bryukhanov and Fomin.

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Chernobyl : The Happiness of All Mankind

I honestly don’t think anything that could happen in this episode could break my heart more then the things we had to see in the episode before.

The destruction of human bodies due to the radiation, the harsh decisions needed to be made and just the amount of people even after the explosion that had to be sacrificed even if their death was not as painful or as soon as those who attended the explosion is horrifying.

Now there is a clean up to be done.

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Chernobyl : Open Wide, O Earth

Pripyat has been evacuated, we are now just under or maybe by the time the episode starts just over 2 days from the explosion, Alexei Ananenko, Valeri Bezpalov and Boris Baranov have volunteered to enter the basement of Chernobyl to drain the water and stop a nuclear explosion that would destroy much of Eastern Europe.

This show continues to be one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to watch but by now I don’t want to stop.

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