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Growing up I was a closet Geek, now I'm out and proud! I have my likes and my dislikes but I don't let a dislike cloud an opinion. I'll give everything a go and will sit and be tortured through a lot of mundane things. Right at this moment I'm really into the whole Doctor Who / Sherlock / Hunger Games thing. Now if only a cross over were to happen.....

Inside No 9 : Bernie Clifton’s Dressing Room

After one of the most delightful episodes of Inside No 9 so far Season 4 has big shoes to fill.

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Week 1 Question : How do you know your perceptions are real?

At first I felt like I was the wrong person to answer this question and then I tried to think like Anna and I realized that actually maybe I’m the perfect person to answer this question.

We’re so certain of everything we see or hear that anything out of the ordinary can be explained away so easily, like it was the wind, when in actuality there is no explanation.

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The BFG (2016)

Roald Dhal’s classic film hits the big screen with a brand new adaptation from the genius that is Steven Speilberg. The BFG was one of the very first books I learnt to read and one of the very first books I fell in love with.

Growing up we didn’t just have the book though we had a wonderful cartoon adaption which brought the Big Friendly Giant and Sophie to life.

Now we have a new BFG and its bound to be magical right?

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I Am Michael (2015)

The story of Michael Glatze, a former gay rights activist that turned his back on homosexuality to become a Christian Pastor.

James Franco stars as Glatze in one of the most interesting roles I’ve ever seen him in, also staring Zachary Quinto as Glatze’s partner. I found the film randomly whilst looking for something to watch on Netflix and was surprised by how touching I found it.

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Red Dwarf : Siliconia

Season 12 started off with a bang with one of the most hilarious episodes of the series so far. It was naturally funny with great interaction between the main cast and the guest cast.

So season 12 has a lot to live up to.

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