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Ousama Game (King’s Game) : Revolt (Counter/Oppress)

Episode 6

“Hangyaku” (反虐)

Finally having caught up, because this is the point that I’m caught up even if its out after the next episode airs, we’ve got to episode 6 with absolutely nothing much happening in the present since episode 1, not even seeing what was going on in the present in episode 5 and me actually really hoping we don’t go back to the present any time soon.

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Ousama Game (King’s Game) : Wail (Karma/Tears)

Episode 5

“Gōkyū” (業泣)

I honestly feel the last episode was meant to be some horrid joke. I’ll never get over the fact that Nami went blind and was able to do things that I can’t do being able to see perfectly fine, or understand what it is that girls find so attractive about paranoid and shitty person Kanazawa Nobuaki.

Whatever he has going for him he’s survived one game and trying to figure out the origins of it now with two people probably marked by psychopath Natsuko who we didn’t even see in the last episode but by now probably has raped poor little would be rapist, if Natsuko didn’t have bigger balls then him, Teruaki.

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Ousama Game (King’s Game) : Breakthrough (Solutions/Hades)

Episode 4

“Kaimei” (解冥)

For me my love for this series is based on being told what happened in the past of Nobuaki’s life. The present isn’t really doing anything for me. Four episodes down and we’ve barely actually spent a day with the group that are still actually alive, still 22 survivors and I’m not sure why we’re even getting the death count at the end of each episode right now…

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Ousama Game (King’s Game) : Friendship (Melting Emotion)

Episode 3

“Yūjō” (融情)

The first two episodes have been a little all over the place, with a near episode long flashback last episode it was kind of pointless even coming back to the present. It is hard to see who will be the next victims or how some will survive from where it was left off.

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Another update on Anime coverage

So we’ve been pretty lack this year with our anime coverage which is usually the best kept coverage on here even if its a bit tardy at times. We usually review at least a good couple series all year round including catch up series and other things and whilst in the build up to Attack on Titan 2 we did a good job we’ve kind of died out the second part of the year.

With the non-anime reviews busier then ever and even us two busier then usual its hard to maintain much at the moment but the anime stuff is going to be sorted out as soon as possible.

As well as Ousama Game we plan on catching up with one or two other series from this season and hopefully after catching up, so lots of reviews this week, we hope to keep up with them as best we can.

You’ve all seen the sad posts about Photobucket making us pay to host images and none of us having the kind of money lying around they were asking for so we had to take down our anime hub which I believe Anna was very proud of so a less exciting looking page or something will be coming out at some point but until then we are finishing a bunch of final thought posts that never were done, including one for One Punch Man which was the oldest one we went back and found we hadn’t done, so that we can at least have a page linked to our final thoughts and whether or not we recommend series as we sort out what we’re doing..

It does mean a lot of anime content which we’ll try and water out with other bits and pieces but at the moment its the one consistent thing we can promise.

Not only that but we’ll try and ramp up flashback series with me covering shows like Sword Art Online and Elfen Lied whilst Anna reviews such classics as Space Dandy.

One of our most viewed reviews is the ONE episode of Barakamon that Anna reviewed when first coming to this blog from her own personal one that and the second season Handa-kun will also be included in our flashback series and other recent anime’s we’ve missed finishing such as Flying Witch and Divine Gate will be finished.

Of course we’d love to hear what else you’d like to hear from us, we do have a few random bits and pieces to come up but this is the major content that will be up in the next few weeks.

Ousama Game (King’s Game) : Chaos (Scars Disorder)

Episode 2

“Konran” (痕乱)

A great story, weak characters and wonderful animation leads us into the second episode of King’s Game were we see how many other students will fail to perform tasks sent to them by the King.

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Ousama Game (Kings Game) : Begin Again (Break Again)

Episode 1

“Saikai” (再壊)

We are well aware that we’ve gone very quiet and not done a very good job of our anime reviews this year so far but we’ve been brought back by a anime I’m sure no one will be surprised interested us.

A killer game, high victim counts, only one probably will survive?

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