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World of Tanks Review

Garantine here, I am the official GeekMinds WoT reviewer. In the coming weeks I will be reviewing some of my favourite tank lines as well as any updates and patches.

World of Tanks is a multiplayer online game.

(As of yet the day of the reviews or frequency of said reviews are yet to be decided, will update when times are set in stone – Rick)

Terms I will be using in the course of these blogs :-

Auto Loaders:- a type of gun that loads multiple shots to be fired in quick concession. The main draw back to this weapon is an extended reload time due to having to load all the shots into the magazine before they can be fired.

AP rounds:- armour piercing rounds. the most common round

APCR:- armour piercing composite rigid. premium AP rounds

HE:- rounds high explosive. these shell have penetration that works of the flat armor value of the tank and will do half damage even if the shell doesn’t penetrate.

HEAT: high explosive anti tank rounds. premium HE rounds.

HESH:- high explosive squash heads. premium HE rounds with less chance of bouncing.

DPM:- damage per minute

Alpha damage:- the amount of damage done by a single shot

Burst damage:- the amount of damage done in quick succession by a auto loader

gun rammer:- module that increases the rate of fire by 10%

improved ventilation:- a module that increases all crew skill level by 5%

enhanced gun laying drive:- improves aiming time

vertical stabilizer:- improves accuracy whilst on the move by 20%

Spall liner:- improves the armour from HE shells and ramming helps prevent damage to crew.


will be updated as required