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I am a 20 something Plymouthian. I am a Alone Wolf, I am a geek, I am untalented and easy to please. I am the greatest person you'll never meet.

Strangeness of Strangers

So today something weird happened to me, full details on my personal blog (LINK) but basically I had a complete stranger berate me for no reason whilst in the City Centre this evening, all over a stupid face I pulled to my partner when someone walked in front of me taking a photo. It was like one of those sod law moments, my camera finally wanted to take this picture and he wandered in front of it just as it had snapped it, so as you do the fake “OMG why oh why does this happen” look came out.

Crime of the century I guess! Enough to have a stranger read me the riot act and send me home tearful on the next bus! My camera went straight in the drawer instead of being emptied and me gleefully playing with my photos because I don’t want to be reminded of it.

After I had my emotional five minutes (what can I say? I’m a weak and feeble emotional wreck at the best of times!) it got me wondering this:

Why do strangers bother to open their mouths and give you a piece of their mind?

Especially when it wasn’t something awful! I mean it could have been much worse, I could have been REALLY angry at the man and pushed him or something, or, like she did, have a go at him for walking in front of me. I did neither, I made a funny face and was about to get on with my evening. It wasn’t even like the man would have taken offence…. He was long gone by that time, long gone by the time I’d pulled the face!

Why is some random person in a big crowd worth “calling out” on something? What did she get from this confrontation? What was she planning on getting from it? Was she out to ruin someone’s night? Will this make her all tingly on the inside thinking she’d righted an injustice of the world? Is she planning on teaching her child that being rude to people in the street is acceptable and giving people the benefit of the doubt over something you perceive to be the most vilest of things is wrong? I just don’t get it!

At the end of the day she is lucky I reacted to it by shrinking into my shell and looking for the closest gap in the crowd to leave by so she didn’t see me cry! My sister and her friends would have had a totally different reaction, one her child would not have liked to see happen. One or two of my sisters male friends if I had been their girlfriend (thankfully I’m not) would have done something even worse to her. So why the hell when she doesn’t know how one person will react to her sense of entitlement in accusing strangers of being pathetic would she do it?

It is a question I don’t think I’ll ever be able to answer myself.

To me I’d just like strangers to stay that, strangers. And the stranger ones I meet like her the more I don’t want to go out there and meet people or go to events.

The question I guess being to all you out there is would you ever berate someone for something that pointless?
Is it just me or does everyone have a pretend OMG look they do when something stupid happens?
Do you have any instances of strangers suddenly piping up with complaints about you out of the blue?
Or have you decided to right the wrongs of people out there and call strangers out on face pulling etc?

World of Tanks Blogging imminent!

So very soon we should be getting a feature up and running about World of Tanks. It’ll be run by one of our quieter forum members who spends a lot of time and money on the game, it’ll feature tips and tricks as well as links to pictures of his conquests and failures.

Of course I will also take part a little and maybe do a weekly “best hits” because my failures aren’t anything important (they are 90% of the time I play and usually end with me falling off of things.)

This running alongside my Minecraft blog will give us two gaming features on this site, so rejoice! Or maybe not!

Minecrafting #2

I have had a few little problems with getting screencaps these last few days so unfortunately there isn’t any more “in making” photos of my Pyramid, but Minecraft friends IT IS ALIVE!!!!

The Pyramid of Ook


I think it was 56×56, hollow on the inside as there is a main chamber and a “dungeon” chamber. This is my first massive scale build and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Want to look inside?



It is simple in design but it does the trick!

Next up for me is a “Lair” as my “thing” with my friends is that I’m the Librarian from Discworld of course this is all Orang-utan style so the “Lair” will probably be tree based.

Please feel free to give any comments back on what you think of my Pyramid and any ideas for what to build after the Liar of Ook!



Minecrafting #1

I play Minecraft as any Geeks do. Yes I love whacking away at little blocks and building stupid buildings. I’m not very good at it but I do enjoy it greatly. So I thought I’d write up a Minecraft blog, especially documenting the birth of my Pyramid!

Here it is in Step One :

Step One

I’ll have a fuller blog and some update on my Pyramid next week but just to start the ball rolling I thought I’d post.

Anna (Awerka) Random 50

So the five writers on this blog decided that they’d shuffle up their iPods (MP3 players in some cases…) and post the next 50 songs.  Just to give you an idea on what kind of people we are… Apparently.

I go first, whether or not anyone really follows suit is up to them but I’m not afraid of what you might find out about me.

So my Random 50…..

Kidz – Take That
Crazy – Areosmith
I’m Gay – Bowling for Soup
Enemy – Fozzy
All Summer Long – Kid Rock
Passenger Seat – SheDAISY
Cést la Vie – B*Witched
My Axe – Insane Clown Posse
Don’t You Forget About Me – Enrique Iglesias
Vincent’s Theme – Final Fantasy
Shinobi v Dragon Ninja – Lostprophets
So Hott – Kid Rock
When You Love Someone – Kid Rock
In The End – Linkin Park
If I didn’t Have You – Billy Crystal / John Goodman
Time Warp – Rocky Horror Picture Show
I am a Cider Drinker – The Wurzels
Do you know? (The Ping Pong Song) – Enrique Iglesias
Mancunian Way – Take That
Burn it to the Ground – Nickelback
Hard Rock Hallelujah – Lordi
Riding Solo – Jason Derulo
America (Wake Up Amy) – Bowling for Soup
Saturday Night’s Alright – Nickelback
Best of Me – The Starting Line
The Man Who Can’t Be Moved – The Script
Clocks – Coldplay
Mr Boombastic – Shaggy
Fix You – Coldplay
Troublemaker – Weezer
Turtle Power – Partners in Kryme
UGLY – Daphne & Celeste
Underclass Hero – Sum 41
The Universal – Blur
Up all Night – Take That
Uptown Girl – Westlife
Vanilla Twilight – Owl City
Vegas Two Times – Sterophonics
Blue Jeans and a Rosary – Kid Rock
As Good as I once was – Toby Keith
World of our own – Westlife
Heart Shaped Glasses – Marilyn Manson
Given Up – Linkin Park
Better off – Theory of a Deadman
Addicted – Simple Plan
High School Never Ends – Bowling For Soup
Don’t Make Me – Blake Shelton
500 Miles – MacDonalds Brothers
Things that go bump in the night – allSTAR
Sehnsucht – Rammstein

The biggest surprise?

I have nearly every single song that Rammstein have ever put on a CD on my phone and yet it took to song 50 to see one…. I mean my phone has a tendacy to stick to whoever it believes I want to listen to but most of my music is Rammstein and yet they only appear once on this list.

Just shows the weirdness of life itself!

Fairy Tail : The Nine Demon Gates

Chapter 357

We were introduced to what looks to be the most scary adversaries our guild will EVER come up against.

Mass destruction is only the beginning, the magical world is now without a council (which to be honest at times might not be a BAD thing) and without guidance! The war with Tartarus is on.


Continue reading Fairy Tail : The Nine Demon Gates

Doctor Who : 50th Anniversary Trailer tonight after Strictly Come Dancing!

So it has been announced that there will be a trailer depicting all 11 faces of the Doctor in one minute long trailer at 8:20pm tonight.

Exciting news! Or so you would think.

I get where some people are coming from with disappointment that it isn’t including footage from the 50th but to be very honest…. It is still a trailer, it is something they have decided to share with us and I’m excited! I don’t think its a waste of time, some of these people calling it a waste were the ones moaning that they didn’t do anything to promote the 50th, well now they are with colourized hi-def William Hartnell!

Personally whether the second trailer (we have been told there will be two on some sites) gives anything away or not, whether I have to actually sit down on the 23rd to see a whole, completely unspoilered episode of Doctor Who celebrating 50 years of a show I’ve watched since I was a little kid, well…… It doesn’t matter. Because in just over a month I’ll be sitting down watching a whole new episode of Doctor Who celebrating 50 years of the show, and I’m quite happy I haven’t seen anything of it yet!

I’m sure the trailer will be magnificent!