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Koisuru Asteroid // Asteroid in Love : True Feelings

Episode 9

Hontō no Kimochi” (本当の気持ち)

We are only 9 episodes in and here we are moving forward into their second year. It seems a bit of a rush but is it worth it?

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Diary #36 : COVID-19 and update

So I really have to apologise but we have got super behind on everything right at the end of the season at that.

Thing is I’ve been super sick basically since the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) hit the UK a week and a bit ago. At one point I was very worried I had caught it but it became obvious I probably just had a sore throat that because I have a bad immune system and get sicker then most when I get sick, and find I catch everything going, just managed to absolutely destroy me in the last week and a bit.

That isn’t a excuse to why things got behind, they were getting that way before I even got sick. That is down to depression and the fact that panic buying had already started up and the stress of work was weighing heavy on me.

I still have a few days of self isolation left and I’m being told that for mental health reasons I might want to take a few more days off but that is personal stuff I don’t need to go into, the reason I bring it up is because I need to try and focus now on regaining some of the momentum I brought into this year.

So the update part of this is basically to let you all know that I will be slowly, hopefully getting back up to date. The stupid thing is I have drafts of so many shows DONE ready to be posted but it is finding that little bit of strength to log in and do stuff as my anxiety and depression leave me basically a potato incapable of doing much.

Below is the COVID-19 stuff…

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Animal Crossing STREAM HYPE!

So I am already 7 and a half hours deep into Animal Crossing on Twitch right now.

I’ve actually had to self isolate and been super ill all week, I’m losing my voice and my mind and barely done anything at all so would love if people wanted to come hang out in chat and cheer my sad ass up today!

Will be streaming most of the day or until my voice finally gives up.

Come hang!

Dorohedoro : Oh, Flower Smoke // Awesome Meat Pie // A Macabre Mushroom Appears!

Episode 9

Aa, “Hana Kemuri”” (嗚呼、『花煙』) // “Sutekina Mīto Pai” (すてきなミートパイ) // “Chin Kinoko Shutsugen!!” (珍キノコ出現!!)

Once again a whole bunch happened in this episode so excuse me if I don’t mention a great chunk of it whilst I tell you why this episode warmed my very soul.

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