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Smile Down the Runway : The Professional World

Episode 2

Puro no Sekai” (プロの世界)

It seems like it ended one of the dreams way too early in the first episode so where the show goes from here is anyone’s guess.

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Somai and the Forest Spirit : Edible Herbs and the Oni’s Dwelling

Episode 2

Kusabira to Oni no Sumika” (くさびらと鬼の住処)

The cutest father and daughter show you will ever watch as Golem continues his journey with Somali to find her parents.

Sadly… I think her parents might have been eaten.

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Most people will know what this means.

At some point in your life there is probably a book or game series that you love that got the big screen or smaller screen treatment. You ignore that gut feeling that it won’t be what you expect and end up leaving pretty disappointed.

Some of them work. They might not be the best but they don’t suck either, some are magnificent in their own way so that the cut content and usually added new content doesn’t bother you and others…

Others suck balls.

I find myself in a funny position where I, a Discworld fan, have finally found the one thing that I cannot help but be upset with.

Being told that it is INSPIRED by the books and not BASED on them isn’t helping either!

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BlacKkKlansman (2018)

Based on the Memoirs of Ron Stallworth, a retired black police officer who infiltrated the ranks of the Ku Klux Klan in the 70s the BlacKkKlansman is a fantastic look at how he did it as well as the people he worked with and who they met along the way.

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