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I am a 20 something Plymouthian. I am a Alone Wolf, I am a geek, I am untalented and easy to please. I am the greatest person you'll never meet.

The Millionaire Detective Balance : Unlimited : I Came, I Saw, I sponsored

Episode 1

Kita, mita, katta” (来た、見た、買った)

I like a good detective show and seeing that Luc got the crazy Sherlock show I thought I would tackle this one which is crazy in its own way.

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Koisuru Asteroid // Asteroid in Love : Shining Star Challenge

Episode 11

Kiraboshi Charenji!” (きら星チャレンジ!)

In a way this series has become the biggest let down of the series and I’m not really that interested in the final two episodes but we’ll see what happens now that Ao basically has forced herself to join Mira on her adventure which… Also kind of felt weird having her be the one sent to the Shining Star Challenge over someone more knowledgeable about just about everything.

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The Case Files of Jeweler Richard : Peridot of Blessing

Episode 11

 “Shukufuku no Peridotto” (祝福のペリドット)

I don’t mind telling people how disappointing I found this series but I’m here to finish it off and with the biggest story kind of over and the “sad” ending of the last episode being totally destroyed by the end of the same episode I don’t really know what they are planning on doing in the last two episodes.

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VOD : Cuphead // First Isle and not much raging

We here with a new VOD from Twitch with a play through of the first isle of Cuphead…

I actually honestly thought that I was going to do a lot worse in this game. 2 hours to complete the first round of bosses and levels isn’t too bad specially as I kept looking away to read the chat at the worst times, had troubles figuring out what buttons I wanted to have do what and then gave up and got a controller…

It wasn’t that bad.

I plan on finishing this AFTER I get my webcam which is on its way mainly because I can’t always concentrate on talking so it’ll be more funny to see my reactions then the silence I ended up having for most of it.

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Hey guys, I know it has been a bit annoying that I’ve been focusing a little more on streaming then writing but yesterday we hit the 50 followers we needed to become Affiliated.

What that means is that people can no subscribe to me and give me bits which, whilst I’m not going to be able to live off of the money I probably will make, means that I can make a little extra on the side over the course of the year which might help me stop worrying about some stuff and help me focus a little more.

I’m writing this to thank everyone for putting up with my basic begging for follows or for people to come and hang out, whilst the VODs will still be posted for those who enjoy them I promise I will stop posting randomly about it from now on.

Never believed that I would become Affiliated but here we are! Thank you everyone!

ID : Invaded : Channeled II (END)

Episode 13

Finally we will see a end to one of the most patchy series we’ve had this season. I doubt the question is ever going to be how they beat John Walker but if they ever explain what any of this truly is about.

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VOD : The Wolf Among Us // Episode 3 FULL PLAY THROUGH ~ We a good Wolf Boi : )

Another day and another VOD, from the big 7 odd hour stream here is Episode 3 of The Wolf Among Us…

As you can see our chat is pretty wild right now, we’re actually a pretty decent community even though we are tiny which makes the streams so much more fun so don’t forget to join!

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Dorohedoro : Let’s Meet At The Snack Stall

Episode 11

Yatai de Ai Mashou” (屋台で逢いましょう)

Nikaido is now partners with En, Fujita wants to leave the family and Caiman is being Caiman somewhere out there now equipped with a snack stall on its way to En’s.

Life can’t get any better for these characters obviously.

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