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Alice to Zouroku : Cards

Episode 3

“Toranpu” (トランプ)

I said it last week but this anime has a little bit of everything in it. Its sweet, its mysterious, its funny and its full of action. You never know quite what you will get when you sit down to watch it.

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Berserk : Banner of the Flying Sword

Episode 3

“Hi Ken no Mihata” (飛剣の御旗)

The double episode beginnings of this series has given us the chance to see how Guts group got back together whilst seeing Griffith make his bold statements. They were the stone that will eventually turn into a avalanche.

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Thimbleweed Park (12 Hours Played)

If like me you grew up with adventure games you’ll remember the wonderful time you had trying to figure out puzzles by clicking on every single clickable pieces of art work, trying to pick everything up and then combine them to make the most ridiculous things ever. You probably ended up very good at puzzles only because you learnt not to bother looking at things so literally all the time.

Sometimes when a sign tells you that you can’t do something its best just to take the sign and do it anyway.

Thimbleweed Park from beginning to end is a throwback to all the great adventure games of your lost youth (or just past I guess.)

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Alice to Zouroku : Dreams of Alice

Episode 2

“Arisu no yume” (アリスの夢)

The first episode was just a little bit crazy but everything I love about everything. We’ll see what happens to Sana and Zouroku this week.

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