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Moana (2016)

This review has been sat in my drafts for longer then it really should have been.

Moana was the latest in the Disney Princess line but really did move away from the traditional Princess more then ever the Princesses have.

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Beauty and the Beast (2017)

So the next installment in Disney’s live action remakes of their cartoons see Emma Watson, Luke Evans and Dan Stevens bring the Tale as Old as Time to life in all its beauty.

I’ve not been a fan of the live action films but Beauty and the Beast is by far one of my most favourite films of all time and with it being a true live action remake I was looking forward to seeing just how well the story looks in live action.

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Alice to Zouroku : The Kashimura Family

Episode 6

“Kashimura Kazoku” (樫村家)

With the threat at the moment neutralized we get to spend sometime with Sana, Sanae and Zouroku at home safe and sound!

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Alice to Zouroku : A Home to Return To

Episode 5

“Kaeru Tokoro” (帰るところ)

After calling Zouroku to her location Minnie C gets more then she bargained for and in the end Sana and Zouroku are saved in the nick of time.

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One Piece : It’s Brulee!

Chapter 885

It isn’t looking good for Luffy whilst the coast is actually clear for the others to have their plans go well. Big Mom is also distracted, which seems to be easily done in one of her moods, so it looks like it’ll all go well for those outside of the mirror world.

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