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I am a 20 something Plymouthian. I am a Alone Wolf, I am a geek, I am untalented and easy to please. I am the greatest person you'll never meet.

A Destructive God Sits Next to Me : Blurry Eyes

Episode 7

We hit the festival and they need to hit first place to go bowling and Karaoke! Apparently. According to Homeroom Teacher who seems much too excited about everything.

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Smile Down the Runway : Aura

Episode 7

Ora” (存在感オーラ)

Worlds collide and they won’t stop clashing and dreams won’t stop being impossible until all these characters prove all the adults who have been jaded wrong.

We already know at least one of their dreams seemingly comes to pass…

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Koisuru Asteroid // Asteroid in Love : The Starry Sky is a Time Machine

Episode 7

 “Hoshizora wa Taimu Mashin” (星空はタイムマシン)

Last week the series was on a break of sorts, they had a recap episode that didn’t add anything to the story so we’re back after the bombshell of Monroe and Mikage stepping down as President and Vice President and the appointment of Inose as the new President.

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VOD // Danganronpa : Trigger Happy Havoc Chapter 3 in full

We have more Danganronpa for you.

A near on 7 hour stream and we got our first on stream follower (most of our followers are friends or came when we posted about it on here) so that was fun!

Danganronpa always brings in some people to chat, it is still a super popular game and the one we get the biggest audiences for. It was also the chat where Povey (Sean) got himself modded so he could watch over himself.

As I said a few times on stream I never think these are going to go anywhere. They started off as a experiment to see if it helped with anxiety and problems speaking to people and in a way they proved that, now they are just fun and also allow me to spend long periods of time playing games without feeling guilty that I’m not doing 20 other things. With more time on my hands soon (VERY SOON!) having one big day of streaming and a few smaller streams when I finish other stuff I should be able to play many more games for longer periods which will make me happy.

As such I do need to put some effort into the channel not because I think it’ll get me anywhere but because I should show pride in something I want to do even if it is just for fun!

Plus it is kinda fun having people in chat to talk to and being on the other side of it all for a change you know?

So if you wanna come hang out please do! Give us a follow over on 

Next stream is Monday (no time) we’ll be tackling the next Danganronpa chapter because heck do I need to get through that thing!

VODs and more apologies!

So here are two of the three VODs I need to get up

The third is taking forever to upload but will be posted when I can.

The apology is that I’ve gotten so behind on the anime this week and I feel so bad but mentally I have been in no state to write. I can’t concentrate on watching things. The streams didn’t effect that I was meant to be doing things yesterday but I just couldn’t which is super sad. I didn’t do anything yesterday.

Good news is that regardless of my personal problems I have a lot of time off coming up including 3 days off starting Sunday. I should be able to get a bunch of stuff done after work tomorrow and then on Sunday without it effecting me too badly, I then have Monday as a stream day to do another chapter of Danganronpa and Tuesday to wing it (no anime we review comes out on Tuesday so maybe finishing what I have left and another stream.)

Streaming has been really helpful in stopping me from just blanking out and doing nothing, it was nice to actually be able to focus on something semi important.

We have done so well for like three months on getting stuff out on time that I feel ultra bad for messing up but I just need to kind of… focus on getting through tomorrow.

Thank you for not hating me too much!

Sorry – Another Stream

So first up I want to apologise for being late with a bunch of stuff. I, as people now know, stayed up for over 30 hours the other day and my sleep schedule has not really been good to me. Plus I’ve been doing slightly weirder hours at work this week and been trying to stream a few days every week as well.

We are now pretty much up to date, I promise tomorrow is a website day, mainly because even if I hadn’t already marked this as a stream day I have a headache and can’t concentrate on writing anymore now, and I’ll get Pet, the anime highlights and today’s anime out after I get home from work.

Good news!

My hours are changing, if my newest rota is anything to go by I might now have 4 days off of work instead of 2. I have a few big gaps coming up too where I have 3 days off in a row, luxurious as that sounds and I’m hoping to get my sleep under control and use this new time for myself well to maximise the good work we stared with and I’ve let up.

Other good news.

We doing more Danganronpa in a bit. Making some noodles, getting some drinks and all set up and then join me over on Twitch for another chapter of Danganronpa! Later then I wanted but I wanted to get as much done today as possible.

Come join us and give us a follow to know when I’m live!