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Writes : Anime Reviews, TV Reviews, Film Reviews, Gaming Content, Essays, Mental Health stuff

Likes : Gaming, complaining, reading, Adam Pacitti’s dad jokes, pizza, watching Twitch too much, sometimes wrestling.
Dislikes : Myself, People, Time…

Playlists : I listen to just about everything. Weezer, Rammstein, Stereophonics, Travis and RHCP are probably my favourite bands but if you want to see the music I listen to most I have my Playlist blogs HERE and my Spotify Playlist HERE.

Games : I live in my past most of my favourite games are from my old consoles. I play mainly on PC but also have a PS4 and Switch.

Games I love include – Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, Discworld games, Monkey Island games, Sam & Max games, Wonderboy, Pokemon series (specially Snap and Puzzle League), Sherlock Holmes series, Shenmue series, Bioshock 1 & 2, Toonstruck, Tomba 1 & 2, Sally Face, Luigi’s Mansion, Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, Darkest Dungeon… So many more.

Bio :

I’m just me, a miserable person. I’m old before my time and how old I am will confuse you. I have no talents though I try my hardest at lots of things. I sound like a emo but I’m just a geek stuck in my past. Don’t take too much I have to say seriously but when I’m serious don’t take me so lightly.

Pain in the ass by nature.

One day I’ll actually find a talent and on that day you will all be in trouble.

I turned 30 in 2019 which has just made me older and grumpier.

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  1. You deleted your top 10 wrestlers.

    Who are your favourite 10 British wrestlers? Do you prefer the British Indy shows you go to or the stuff you watch on TV? If it’s the Indy shows then do you prefer them because you are there or for other reasons?

    What would your dream match be? Just two of your all time favourite wrestlers or tag teams?

    1. British Wrestlers? I’m guessing you mean from the Independent scene around here else it wouldn’t look too different from the list I had on here originally! (This reply will be long by the way!)

      For in ring skill (and in no order as you didn’t ask for one) I’d say :

      Danny Walsh : Absolutely wonderful in the ring, always looks great and someone you look forward to seeing in ring at any event he’s at.

      Eddie Ryan : More of the above just personally I prefer him. He always managed to be my favourite on the night and it took till November to me to realise this. I just love the way he moves around the ring like he owns it.

      Scotty Essex : Always a highlight. Honestly each time I’ve seen him I’ve been surprised by how good he is… No actually that’s wrong because I knew he’d be good but I always forget how fast he can be and some of the moves he can pull off. Breath taking he is.

      Ultimo Tiger : So much energy ALWAYS love watching him. Not only is he brilliant in the ring he’s so good with the crowd that you’d be excited about him wrestling even if he was shit (which he isn’t.)

      Tyler Hawke : I’ve seen him wrestle quite a bit in the last few PWA events and even when he had two fights in one night he managed to get better between matches. He is really good though.

      Mark Walsh : I love watching him wrestle, he’s good in a tag team but he’d be great on his own too. Refer to the New Years Mayhem blog for more thoughts on him (in the comments) but personally I think he’s amazing.

      Steve Griffiths : He’s just exciting to watch in the ring and he is scary good at times. You just need to watch him to understand but he’s just great to watch.

      UK Dominator : This guy is just entertainment in general. In the ring though and he’s just brilliant.

      JD Knight : I have been told supporting JD Knight is as bad as being a Marc Marquez fan but unlike Marc who is just annoying, whiney and Spanish JD Knight is bloody brilliant.

      Adira : I’ve said all I need to a million times before when it comes to Adira and I’m always very sad when she doesn’t wrestle because she’s one of the best on the PWA roster and, well, I miss her.

      If we’re going on personality (and again in no order but also as its obvious that they are just funny or good at characters not in a list either!) :

      Jason King, PJ Jones, Saime Sahin (who I’m now sad I didn’t put in the top 10 up there!), Scotty Essex, Josh Knott, Justin Sysum, Tyler Hawke, Kiezer (well I have to say it because my mum HATES him with a passion), Ultimo Tiger and Jason King… Oh I already said him? He deserves two mentions that is why!

      To be honest I don’t really think of the stuff I watch on TV the same way. The same way I don’t judge theatre and films to each other. You can’t beat going somewhere live but its a different experience. I prefer SmackDown to RAW though, I can’t stand Impact at the moment and tend to forget to watch the others on a regular basis (then again I also watch a lot of anime so time is limited!) I wouldn’t be able to choose between PWP or PWA though obviously I love PWA so much because its in Plymouth so I can go see it all the time, if I could drive or knew someone who could I’d go to every single PWP show too. Unfortunately I can only go to the ones on the train route and some are stupidly expensive thanks to trains! Like this one, Pete sent me the money for all my tickets but I wasn’t paying enough attention and the cheaper train tickets are for two specific trains which means I’ve kinda wasted money on Meet and Greet tickets that I can’t use! One day I’ll be able to drive and then I’ll go to every show.

      My dream match would be ANYTHING with Owen Hart in it. He was my wrestling hero growing up – first PPV I got to stay up for was Over the Edge (it was three days after my 10th birthday) and it really scarred me for life.

      If we’re talking about current wrestlers then it would probably be Chris Jericho vs Eddie Ryan. I’m a Jericholic and I think Eddie Ryan is one of the greatest wrestlers I’ve ever seen. It would be funny. Shane Helms in his prime vs Ultimo Tiger….NOOO the match I wanna see is MCMG vs Lionhearts… Alex Shelley vs Alex Shelley…. That is impossible but if there were two Alex Shelley’s in this world I think Pete would die of happiness! Shark Boy vs Panda Cub… I could go on but I won’t.

      1. If I asked you to rank them would you? Only the list on in-ring skill. And yeah I just meant the indy guys as I have read that you are a big fan of Wade Barrett so know he’ll be in your top spot.

        Do you plan on learning to drive so you can go to more events?

        You say Owen Hart was your favourite growing up so do you have a list of wrestlers you supported growing up?

        Have you ever been to see WWE live? And what other wrestling shows have you been to see in the UK?

        Did you ever think about becoming a wrestler when you were a kid?

        1. How dare you make me put people into orders! Haha OK ummm I don’t think anyone will ever see it so I don’t mind! Only for you.

          Eddie Ryan , Danny Walsh , JD Knight , Steve Griffiths , UK Dominator , Tyler Hawke , Adira , Ultimo Tiger , Scotty Essex , Mark Walsh.

          I don’t think that will surprise to many people!

          I do plan on learning to drive but my anxiety prevents me at the moment as I work part time (14 hours) and don’t get much over time so don’t have money to spend on lessons and I can’t really do job interviews so have been trying to get another job for the last three years and have had hundred of interviews all which have come back no.

          Growing up? Owen Hart, Bret Hart, Davey Boy Smith, The Undertaker, Jeff Jarrett, Ken Shamrock, Shane Helms, Billy Kidman, Al Snow, Steve Blackman, Chris Jericho, Rhino, Christian, Matt Hardy…. They are the ones that come off the top of my head!

          I’ve not seen WWE live. I went to a live TNA event and to VPW in Portsmouth. I used to go see wrestling as a kid here in Plymouth to.

          No. At one point I wanted to be a manager, I’ve always loved Bobby the Brain Heenan and kinda wanted to do that kind of thing (just be even more annoying like Jimmy Hart) but I never really wanted to be a wrestler. Well… OK Sometimes I wanted to be a wrestler but I also wanted to be a transformer, a mutant ninja turtle and a dwarf so at one point I’ve wanted to be just about anything. But no even when I was thinking about being a wrestler I was more into the being a manager stuff then actual wrestler.

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