Social Media Operator
(I guess?)

Writes : TV Reviews, Creative pieces when I have time, Film Reviews

Likes : Eating, talking, watching films, Netflix, F1, Jenson Button
Dislikes : Negative people, pineapple on pizza

Music : I like pop music. I don’t have a playlist but I love Ed Sheeran, Pink and Bruno Mars.

Growing up I loved the Spice Girls!

TV : I tend to watch things on the BBC if I’m honest, don’t really watch much other then BBC and ITV oh and of course Netflix.

Big fan of Doctor Who and have taken over those reviews from Anna! Even if I’m not quite as big a fan as she is.

Bio :

I’m the chirpy one that no one really understands why I hang out with these guys.

It is because I’m secretly a huge nerd too.

I try to be the more positive, I like to find good things in everything even if I know they are poor. I like cheesy stuff and just car crash like stuff but at the same time I love to snuggle up on the sofa and watch a good drama as well.

I used to try and write the creative out there blogs but unfortunately don’t have time for it much. I also am the one that runs the Twitter account and gets the final say on blogs not because I edit them but because I’m the one that boringly writes up the Tweet for them.

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