It doesn’t matter who wins if I don’t. I only care if I win. I’m jealous of anyone else who wins.

Likes : F1, Jenson Button, Doctor Who
Dislikes : Nothing much!

Blogs About : Creative Writing / TV Shows / Movies

About :
This year I’ve become the bossy one. I’m doing my best to keep everyone motivated and up to date. Away from here I work and spend lots of time staring at fish. I feel left out most of the time being the only English blogger not from Plymouth but I’ve come to the understanding that if I moved to Plymouth I’d never understand a word anyone said to me.

Below you can find out much more about your favourite author including lists for favourite actors, films, sports stars and much much more.

10 Random Songs :
Bruno Mars : Grenade
Ed Sheeran : SING
Maroon 5 : Sugar
Meghan Trainor : All about the Bass
Pharrell Williams : Happy
Bruno Mars : Uptown Funk
The Script : Breakeven
allSTAR : Land of Make Believe
Black Eyed Peas : I Gotta Feeling
Vengaboys : We’re going to Ibiza

Top 5 F1 Drivers
1. Jenson Button
2. Felipe Massa
3. Daniel Ricciardo
4. Kimi Raikkonen
5. Romain Grosjean


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