Believe in Geeks was created by four friends who had nothing better to do with their time.

Our aims were simple, just write a load of reviews and hope that we find people that agree and disagree with us. We’d found each other on various websites that each of us ran and we wanted to continue to do  that with a broader spectrum of reviews.

Confusion comes from people putting too much into our words. The words of the authors are theirs and theirs alone, they don’t state their opinion as fact so if you read it as such then we tell you now that it isn’t fact at all. We encourage people to leave comments agreeing or disagreeing with us but want everyone to remember that nothing on here is anything but fun. Don’t put too much into what we say and do.

2015 was our best year to date and we hope that 2016 is just as good!

E-Mail : believeingeek@gmail.com

Or get directly in touch with Anna at dunne.a89@googlemail.com









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One thought on “About”

  1. Damn… So many Whotards. Sorry, that’s just a term I use for Doctor Who fanatics. Not to be taken as in insult. One of my best friend’s is also one and has been trying to get me to start watching Doctor Who for a while. He follows it religiously. I’m still stuck on Season 1 with Chris Eccleston…For over a year now. Just find it difficult to watch at the moment. But I do give it a shot every now and again.

    It’s a neat site you guys got here and I assume you’re all British, watching BBC and all. Must be fans of Sherlock as well right? Because I’m a huge fan.

    There’s a bunch of us at Sleeping Geeks where we mostly talk about anime, manga, gaming, fitness and a bunch of other stuff. Be sure to check us out. 😉

    Considering you write about One Piece (my greatest love in this world), I’ll be sure to popping in and out.

    Peace Out,


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