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As situations have changed and there is no longer any televised wrestling reviews at this current moment this page is going to be updated with some new graphics and stuff. Watch this space.Β 



Our September pick for Wrestler of the month was GRAYSON REEVES. It felt like forever since I saw him wrestle and then I had to remind myself that I didn’t like him much. The guy has improved so much, was in complete control of his team and made the match.

I posted it on the update page but you can see the match on PWA’s YouTube channel and it is well worth the watch because it is a fantastic match and you will see what I mean when I praise Grayson Reeves.


No one can beat them. They just basically destroy everything in their path. There is really only one tag team down this way and its HOUSE OF BONES. Only saw them once this month but they destroyed their opponents and made it look easy. Its going to take one hell of a team to beat them.


I really like LEP. They have a really good team and some of their best guys were in the MITB LADDER MATCH that main evented their Plymouth show. There were some amazing moments but those ladders were crazy. It was a great win for Maximo Jr and a good showing for all the guys. Really a great match.

10 thoughts on “”

  1. The joke didn’t work, mainly because I have no idea who KMag is so even with the photo I don’t understand.

    Surprised you didn’t just put AJ Styles as man of the month, its all anyone is talking about on Tumblr.

    1. Mate, when do I EVER agree with any of the shit on Tumblr? As I said I wasn’t paying enough attention, I would have probably picked AJ and Jericho for something as they are really the only reasons I’ve been watching with everything else I have on but I just can’t with any honesty do anything.

      Can’t do anything about your lack of knowledge. He’s a F1 driver, bloody talented one too, from Denmark. Didn’t deserve to sit last year out.

      1. That is true. You are never one to agree with the general feeling. I’m guessing February hasn’t been a good month for it.

        Yeah means nothing to me, only you plus one other person I follow on Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook ever posts about F1 but it isn’t a name or face that I’ve ever noticed before not that I pay any attention.

  2. Thank you for posting the link to the tag team match and their YouTube channel. Love being able to see Eddie Ryan vs PJ Jones too. Will keep a eye on their channel, I finally now understand why you are a fan of both Ryan and Jones so it made me very happy!

    Liking March picks! No needing to be explained bad jokes?

    Happy Adam got pick of the month, you always speak highly of him.

    Thought you WERE doing the WWE one this month?

  3. I know you didn’t do April picks but could you? Like just tell me what they would be? I’m keeping track here I need to know.

    Thanks for sharing the link to the match, it was really better then you hyped it up. Not surprised that Tiger got man of the month for it.

    1. For losers keeping track then….

      April Picks :

      Male Wrestler of the month : Probably a toss up between Eddie Ryan and Grayson Reeves. Going to go with Eddie as his match WAS for the TNA Heavyweight championship and a lot longer then Reeves match. It was pretty awesome and he matched up against Drew Galloway so well, like honestly it proved how lucky we are to have Ryan.

      Female Wrestler of the month : Ginny. I didn’t like Pollyanna that much but Ginny was awesome.

      Tag Team of the month : Special Edition, after all they won the belts off of PJ and Dom. Great match as well. Can’t wait to see who their next opponents will be (they weren’t here in May!)

      Match of the Month : Again toss up between Ryan vs Galloway and Ligero vs Kirby. Going to go with Ligero vs Kirby as it was just really brilliant.

      So there. But I only went to one show and that was the PWA Anniversary show!

  4. Thank you for updating specially with both months. I will stop sending you Tumblr messages.

    Your side blog told me all we needed. Its all been Eddie Ryan and Jason King all month. I’m fed up. At least the edits on the Firm photos were cool.

    1. You are never happy. You are a blood sucker.

      I didn’t realise that! Thank you for telling me, its only because F1 is off at the moment so I’m not posting about Nacho. I’m pretty sure there haven’t been that many photos though dude, I gave most of them to Lucy because she wanted the Josh Knott photos.

      Sorry it took so long to post, knew you were sending me anon hate on Tumblr waiting for it. You are welcome though.

  5. Just finished watching the main event of PWA. Can see why you would pick Reeves. I do remember you were pretty nasty about him sometimes when I started reading your reviews, good to see he’s turned it around in your opinion.

    Can we have a full list of who has won it all year?

    Also are you doing the end of year wrestling blogs this year and will the top however many you do be done through this or something else?

    1. They also have the Jason King vs John Harding match up which was brilliant.

      Haha I don’t think I was nasty about him he just got beat up a lot. I always said he looked pretty AS he was beaten up!

      The end of year blogs will be done by me as Pete probably isn’t coming back this year and has missed 90% of the year anyway so won’t be doing anything. No they won’t have anything to do with the monthly wrestler of the month stuff BUT I will have something up about it too. Plus lets face it 9 times out of 10 I pick Tiger or nominate Tiger and it isn’t going to surprise anyone if Tiger is my wrestler of the year. I’m seeing Tiger three times this month and its nearly time to start writing them so like…. My biased is going to be in full Tiger mode.

      Ultimo Tiger
      The Elite (Jason King & Mark Walsh)
      Kenny Omega vs Ultimo Tiger

      Scotty Essex
      Chris Andrews & Adam da Silva
      Big Grizzly vs Saime Sahin

      Adam da Silva
      Special Edition
      Special Edition vs The Bristol Boys

      Eddie Ryan
      Special Edition
      El Ligero vs Martin Kirby

      Ultimo Tiger
      The Magnums & Eddie Ryan
      Ultimo Tiger vs Kotaru Sazuki

      Eddie Ryan
      House of Bones
      Tag Team Ladder Match from One of a Kind

      Jason King
      The Firm
      Jason King vs Krieger

      Danny Walsh
      The Firm & Maximo Jr
      Ultimo Tiger vs Josh Knott vs Scotty Essex

      Grayson Reeves
      House of Bones
      LEP MITB Ladder Match

      Hope that keeps you happy πŸ™‚

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