Darwin’s Game : Sunset Ravens [END]

Episode 11

Sansetto Rēbenzu” (血盟サンセットレーベンズ)

We’re here at the last big fight for the season and I’ll be surprised if the bad guys aren’t routinely taken down, maybe a side character of importance showing up for some odd reason but mainly Kaname having to fight his demons and either choose the path of good or evil….

A choice he doesn’t really deserve to have after shooting someone in the head and also leading his friend to be cut up and boxed by Wang in the last episode.

I don’t think this episode was worth waiting for if I’m honest with you.

Kaname takes down most of the thugs just because they stood there listening to him reason that he doesn’t mind killing them because they would kill people in real life anyway and aren’t evil just because of DGame.


This entire episode was just a slap in the face and made little to no sense.

As a character Kaname has been nothing so his transformation into the absolute opposite of who he was is baffling. There was no development, no real conviction in his earlier “I don’t want to kill” strategy and now we’re meant to be surprised that he’s basically the same as every other DGame player with one difference.

He believes he’s doing it for the good of others?

Most of this episode isn’t really worth talking about in fact I tuned out of it mid way and then even skipped some bits because the latter part of it was just Kaname getting on his high horse and delivering a very long speech. I don’t care for the contents of that speech especially after getting the very contradictory ending where one group of his clan won’t kill people because those are the orders whilst the other half are killing people happily to spread the word of fear.

For me Kaname as a character is a failure and the entire show crumbled when they didn’t have the basic foundation for him to begin with to end on this note.

What note did they even end on?

This episode if anything was one long look at Shuka’s torture porn fetish as instead of just killing off Wang which she could have done easily, because you know why have a scary main villain if the second in command is more powerful then him, she slowly chopped limbs off. Their entire fight was so boring to watch and Wang was made to look so weak and pathetic that I wondered what the point of even having this as a finale was.

I can’t even find a positive in this episode.

Action scenes were dull, the plot was pointless, Kaname is just a poor character and every other character is pretty much exactly the same with slightly different personalities. We had to have the strongest looking clan look super weak to remind us that our main guys are bad ass when it actually just made the entire show look boring and bland and to top it all off the super powerful ally that they recruited two episodes ago?

Never seen.

If that doesn’t kind of sum up all the problems of D Game I don’t really know what else can. It was just a lot of good, interesting ideas thrown at a wall and then the worst ones scrapped off to make the meal whilst the rest were left hanging.

What even was the point of this episode really? Why did I sit through a entire series for this to be the end? I get that there is another story, a very different one coming if they do a second series or if I ever decided to read the manga but tell me truly why I should care at this point?

What did they achieve with any of this?

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