Darwin’s Game : Old One

Episode 10

Ōrudo Wan” (旧王オールドワン)

I had forgotten that this episode had a extra long first episode therefore episode 10 is actually the penultimate episode of the series. Whilst that makes a few of the last episodes decisions kind of sad, there isn’t even enough time to scratch the surface of just about anything, it also makes sense that they are pushing forward with the story of Shinozuka’s kidnapping.

This is the end game guys.

“There’s something seriously wrong with a world like this” says Shuka with a smile on her face whilst telling Kaname that he isn’t to blame for his friends kidnap and torture.

Something he very much can be blamed for seeing he went to war with the Eighth, never messaged his friend so in the middle of this war he managed to have his friend kidnapped who was just trying to catch up with him. Now not only that but to save him he first up makes him join the game so now Shinozuka is in Darwin’s Game too.

For someone who was just checking up on a missing friend his life has basically been destroyed and I think it very much is Kaname’s fault.

We get the news in this episode that the Eighth have been pretty depleted after the last fight and the tower being bought down on them but that doesn’t mean that they are going to be as easy as maybe Rein thinks. They still have Keiichi and obviously Wang so it isn’t like they’ve lost too much other then numbers.

That being said it isn’t even the clan that is going to take down Keiichi but Ichiro who is the only person Danjo can spare after their clan itself is attacked.

This episode was good but also baffling.

Why give Shinozuka powers just to have his fate happen off screen and if it isn’t his fate and there is trickery going on then I don’t really know how I would feel about that.

What this episode was meant to do was basically make Kaname angry but as so far this season he’s been devoid of much character, didn’t care enough about his friend to ever message him and is easily led to believe he’s innocent of a bunch of things because of some weird girl who wants to sleep with him I just don’t care if he’s happy or sad about the death of his friend.

In fact I never bought into the Mr Nice Guy act either.

It was nice to see someone trying to play a Killing Game without killing until the Killing Game became less about killing and more about people just wanting to fight each other. It’s like Mortal Kombat just instead of the end result being death sometimes you can hug it out and just be friends instead.

Not only that but why go through the trouble of the last episode to add the Number One Ranked player in the game to Sunset Ravens just for her to be MIA for the episode and the only addition to the ranks being a half cared about character like Ichiro?

We have Kotori trying to get into the clan, we have a missing assassin, we have allied and yet we have one episode left and you damn well know that these guys are gonna be the ones that duke it out to the final. In some ways I’d be a bit miffed if someone else swooped in from the sidelines to help. It makes me wonder why add so much new stuff and new characters to a show that is about to end?

Why should we have cared about Kotori?

What was the point of last episode?

Why is Ichiro even really a thing at all?

I just don’t buy most of what the show is trying to sell to me right now and it isn’t because I don’t get it, it isn’t because it just isn’t the show for it but it is because the show itself has never found its feet. It never gave Kaname any real development, it never gave us reasons to care and now it just feels empty.

Sure every character has a sad story but having a sad story, especially when the bad guys have them too, isn’t enough to emotionally attach someone to the plot.

So I haven’t been and it suffered in my eyes for that lack of connection.

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