Magia Record : Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story : A Faint Hope [END]

Episode 13

Tatta Hitotsu no Michishirube” (たったひとつの道しるべ)

All the Girls are in one place, the story of everything that needs to be known is known and it is now time to see how the story ends.

Or at least this chapter of the story.

I feel this series suffered from having two very big stories running side by side and never really focusing on either.

It feels like forever since there was real interest from ANY character over truly finding Iroha’s sister and from the minute we met Yachiyo her history was something that we could guess was super important.

They just mixed these two big things in with lots of small stories and in the end neither felt like it was truly explored or given the time it maybe should have been given and what we kind of ended up with was a very disappointing series that didn’t really know what it was doing.

Even in this episode we’re in the lair of the Wings of Magius, Yachiyo comes to save them all and we end up seeing Iroha chasing after Yachiyo with cheery music as they argue over whether the team should be disbanded or not.

It was totally out of left field, it didn’t feel at all like the tone that should have been currently being focused on and just took me out of what was happening.

This episode was filled with mixed tones, mixed ideas and nothing really happening of any kind of importance. It perfectly summed up the series by showing off how it basically just didn’t know what to do or what to focus on which is a shame.

We got some cool fights, I’m not sure what was going on with Iroha but she was there. There were Doppels which until last episode I had totally forgotten about because it was yet another story line that was kind of muddled into a few episodes but hand waved away by the characters. By the end of the episode everyone seemed to be split apart and we learnt that new people had joined the Magius and their, I guess, form of hope.

It didn’t feel like a finale though and as such it was pretty disappointing.

Which is a weird thing to say when half the episode was a bad ass version of Mami going absolutely ape shit on the rest of them and turning into the most crazy looking thing in the world. Like some Goddess of guns.

I just don’t feel like anything we learnt in the last episode really made sense or actually became useful in any sort of way in this episode.

Yachiyo hasn’t become more interesting with the knowledge that she’s cold because she lost a lot of friends, in fact I don’t think they made her cold enough in the series for me to notice a change in her behaviour in the first place. Not only that but the Doppels were barely explained and therefore it was hard to understand what was going on other then them making the fight even more ridiculously cool.

It looked amazing but the story just fell super flat and felt kind of pointless.

This whole series ended up feeling kind of pointless which I feel might change with the second series when that arrives seeing that this really felt like it was leading up to whatever is going to happen in that series.

Nothing in this one felt fleshed out or given a sense of importance so we can but hope they pick a story and run with it when the show returns.

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