Keep Your Hands off Eizouken! : Shibahama UFO Wars! [END]

Episode 12

Shibahama Yūfō Taisen!” (芝浜UFO大戦!)

The final anime…

We get to witness as they once more fight their way to the deadline. Whether “Shibahama UFO Wars!” is a success or not we’ll have to wait and see but the journey to their biggest project yet has been something to witness.

I didn’t like the final anime as much as I hoped for.

Also I don’t think I really liked the fact that they changed up the entire thing as well because of the music.

It didn’t have the same magical feel as the other two did, there were some scenes in it that felt really badly animated and thought out which was a shame really seeing the point of the club and what they wanted to do was always to make really cool and believable but it just didn’t feel that way and there was no real pay off to it either.

There was no showing of the anime, we saw it from beginning to end ourselves as everyone watched at home but we didn’t get any feedback or see how others saw it.

Heck we didn’t even get to see Asakusa’s true feelings to it either.

I know we’re meant to believe that it all worked out and everyone loved it but it just kind of felt flat compared to the other anime’s they had done, the screenings of them and everything else. For a finale it just didn’t work at all and whilst the second episode in this three episode stretch did a lot of wonders to join the story together and build some anticipation towards this it just ended up being pretty bland.

Again maybe I just lost the momentum of the series by taking time away from it, I don’t really know what more I could expect from the show but I just can’t help feeling that it was a really weak anime to end with and the way it was shown to us was even weaker.

Not only that I couldn’t get over how much I felt the boy and kappa looked like Morty from Rick and Morty.

I don’t think it ruins the series, it was a shame that I didn’t feel it ended with a high note but it has been such a amazing show that I feel like maybe it just not being the greatest thing in the world is what let me down. It was still a fantastic episode, I still enjoyed seeing how they marketed the DVD and the popularity of it, I even got goosebumps when they showed all the people who had the DVD and were sitting down to watch it.

Personally I just feel this episode needed to blow us away and it really didn’t.

Everything about it just felt flat. The characters and their interactions, the story itself, the anime itself, the selling on the shop floor and the ending which was really a nothing ending.

Nothing about it blew me away and there were just way too many moments where everything felt static and unneeded.

Have to admit I am pretty disappointed.

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