Infinite Dendrogram : Those Who Bind the Possibilities [END]

Episode 13

Kanōsei wo tsunagu monotachi” (可能性を繋ぐ者達)

We are finally here at the end of it all where Ray and his group must face Franklin’s Final Weapon.

Whatever that is.

I have to say I can’t really tell you how I feel about this episode.

This series had a lot of things I loved about it but the one thing I truly disliked was that it never really found itself and settled, it was all over the place and I feel the ending kind of showed that once more.

We had this long lead up to a battle which ended up being all words and nothing else, Liliana seemed to be super important in the first episode or two before disappearing to be important again in the end. Franklin and Hugo were both easily defeated in the end instead of there being a real pay out for any character and then Ray lost one of his arms forever in game but still went around acting like the OP dude he is.

By the end of the episode it felt like this was building up to something else instead of focusing on ending what we had just seen.

We get told about characters we barely met to build interest in them as the series ended, places we’ve never been to and even saw Franklin fire Hugo so that he could focus on being a evil bad guy without worry.

There was no real fall out to the fight they just had it just kind of ended and life went on.

Which kind of was what happened this entire series if I’m honest. It never settled in any kind of way, it just kept changing what it was all about and it was tiring after a while. Instead of giving us a decent story it kept changing what that story should be, it rushed certain bits, didn’t bother with others and just hoped we would care about characters that had literally no life to them at all.

Not that I hated the series but it was difficult to sit through as every episode just felt like a bunch of ideas thrown into the air and whatever landed upright was what they went forward with.

We didn’t even get to see the winner of the Ray/Marie fight and I’m guessing when he actually logged out of the game the girl that walked past him was probably Franklin in real life because why not? I’m guessing they are setting it up for a second series which in some ways I would be interested in seeing but in others I worry is just going to be more of the same.

Half thought out stories badly delivered.

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